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Nigeria spent over $670m to stop activities of IPOB in US and UK - Report

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Nigeria spent over $670m to stop activities of IPOB in US and UK - Report

■ Twitter: @umuchiukwu
■ 28th May 2023 


The Nigerian government has spent more than $670 million to stop the activities of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) in the United States and the United Kingdom, Report said on Saturday.

According to the report, the cost was incurred between 2021 and 2022.

The report stated that the money equivalent to 308,507,304.7648 Nigerian Naira was used to lobby individuals and finance the campaign against the Biafra movement mainly in the United States.

"Funds made available to international media are not included in the said amount," according to the report posted on WhatsApp by a US-based blog purportedly owned by an investigative journalist.

Sources have also been cited as saying that some authorities of foreign embassies in Nigeria were paid since 2016 to ignore the separatist movement, illegal arrests and killing of “peaceful Biafra protesters” by government forces in the South-East and South-South.

“In Nigeria, the government had also paid some journalists, writers and influencers to counter genuine activities of IPOB, publish false contents, and carry out activities that seeks to criminalize the separatist group,” the report reads in part.

In relation to the “rendition” of IPOB leader Nnamdi Kanu, the report said “local authorities in Kenya were paid to monitor and kidnap the separatist leader who is still in prison in Nigeria after he was secretly extradited to Nigeria.” 

Kenyan authorities are complicit in Kanu's kidnapping," said the blog, which also disclosed that the Nigerian government continues to spend huge amounts of money to continue imprisoning the IPOB leader.

Culled from Toripurse 

The Journey Of Finding The Dictionary Meaning Of The Word "AND" In The Nigerian Constitution By The Judiciary

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The Journey Of Finding The Dictionary Meaning Of The Word "AND" In The Nigerian Constitution By The Judiciary

■ Author : Don Black D
■ Twitter: @umuchiukwu
■ 27th May 2023 

Since the creation of the white European company located in West Africa named Nigeria drama upon drama has been the order of the day. Nigeria as a British Royal Niger Company (RNC) was dramatically created without due consultations or consent of the Indigenous people. 
I don't think any reasonable human being will accept this British enterprise and put it to heart except the person is a fool. 
The formations and functions of this business most people see today as a country was planned in such a way that it will continue to be an insult to humanity most especially to the black race.

Since 1960 when Nigeria got Independent from British colonial rulers or masters too many dramas have happened and are still happening.

From the first republic to the fourth republic there was so much drama that played out ranging from the first military coup, military counter-coup, bad governance, suspensions of the constitution then and straight down to the civil war. 
Again the same people are today back in different styles and are sworn in into government offices to continue with their ruins. Currently what we have is a little mix of the old wine with the new one making it looks somehow different but then the status quo remains the same. 

The British enterprise called Nigeria is said to be practising democracy as a copycat society perhaps because other countries accepted it due to its definitions and positive impact on the world's governments in general.
But can you imagine democracy, a supposed system of government in which the power belongs to the people, by the people and for the people running on a military-ruled and detected constitution? Nigeria created by one British criminal agent Fredrick Lugard on assignment has managed to run its affairs by copying other countries like America for example but has failed in all honesty to uphold its oaths of office and to preserve or maintain democracy to accord dignity and respect to humanity yet her subjects being the citizens though not too cool with her ways are hoping while watching them see how they'll preserve the laws and constitution set to guide and guard this business they're never part of called Nigeria. 

The three arms of government ( The Executive. The Legislature. And The Judiciary) that were established to help deliver justice by the law to protect the citizens are now making a caricature of the system though I'm not surprised because it is business as usual in Nigeria.

During and after every election conducted in Nigeria political parties and aggrieved individuals must go to Court because of one reason or the order but mostly due to electoral and election fraud or violation of the processes and electorates' Right to vote. 

The arrowhead, that's the president and her enforcement agencies are obliged to provide safety and security of lives and properties to the citizens ensuring that all the processes go well and that the winners that emerged after the elections are in real-time those that won the majority of the vote cast as stipulated by the Constitution but many times in Nigeria the provisions of the Constitution are utterly ignored and disregard.

But then we have seen in real-time where the Executive, Legislature and Judiciary that was said to be the last hope of the common man have things messed up. Let me use the Imo state governor "Hope Uzodimma" case as an example. This very man won the fourth position during the 2019 gubernatorial election in that State but due to this very mess in the system business as usual, he was announced and declared the winner of that very election with a falsified and inaccurate number of registered and accredited voters even when it was clear before God and man that he never came third talk more of first position but with disrespect, disregard and disgrace as it may sound the Supreme Court Shamelessly declared him the winner of that very election on the 14th of January 2020 because his Party is at the top and can force anything forcible and bribe their way in despite what the law or constitution of the land stated. 
Those are the high and mighty so they're larger than life itself! Which reasonable human being would take Nigeria seriously if not a card-carrying member or somebody perhaps by associations with this British business enterprise spare headed by those willing tools available and ready to be used as agents against what is right and that which was written in their military 1999 constitution. 

It's as if all these dramas in the past years were not enough that today we're now faced with the highest of them all in the year 2023 when professors and lawyers have suddenly forgotten that the word "AND" is conjunctional in every standard according to English language and going by what they taught us in our schools.

After the election that took place on the 25th of February and 18th of March 2023. 
One fraudulent man honoured with the academic professor called Yakubu Mahmood scammed Nigerian citizens by assuring them that their vote will count by using a newly acquired technology called the bimodal voter's accreditation system (BVAS) which was funded by the government using the people's generated revenues. 
He failed the people and conducted the worst election ever seen before in the history of Nigeria though like I'll say, is business as usual. 
The people's mandate was stolen and now that they've summoned courage at least for the first time to ask why but then the Chief Fraudster without remorse told them to go to Court another establishment by the same people though the citizens were again deceived and made to believe that the Court will protect their interest by delivering Justice when in real-time is protecting the interest of those that established it in the first place as loyal servants that needed something to feed on like a glutton that has no shame whatsoever displaying in the public. 

Now people are in court to test the judiciary once more to see if something about them has changed but I tell you that a slave will always obey the Master. So people shouldn't expect anything good to come out from the court cases cause it is unusual for them to deliver justice in favour of the ordinary man except something Divine will strike them as it happened in the process that declared Alex Otti the winner and in real-time governor-elect of Abia State under the Labour Party. 

"AND" is the word that the Nigerian Court and judiciary that was made up of supposedly learned men and women of higher educational backgrounds are looking for its meaning and interpretations in legal terms. They're about to give it different meanings and interpretations as usual when it is clear for a layman to understand what the word "AND" means in the Nigerian Constitution. 

What the Constitution says
There are two (2) key conditions for determining a winner of a presidential election:

1. A presidential candidate must secure the highest number of votes cast at the election. 

2. He/she must secure not less than 25% of votes cast in at least two-thirds of all the States of the federation "AND" FCT. 

Electoral Act 2022
The Electoral Act (2022) states that the winner of the presidential election will be subjected to the provisions of section 134 of the Nigerian Constitution.

“In an election to the office of the President or Governor whether or not contested and in any contested election to any other elective office, the result shall be ascertained by counting the votes cast for each candidate and subjected to the provisions of sections 133, 134 and 179 of the Constitution,” the Electoral Act partly read.

According to the 1999 Constitution, presidential candidates must not only win a single majority but whoever will be recognised as an elected president must have won a stipulated minimum in every region of the country.

The candidate that receives the highest number of votes shall be declared elected only if they also fulfil a quota of 25 per cent of the total votes cast in about 24 states including the Federal Capital Territory.

To determine the real president-elect will take them like forever to do so cause all were birds of the same feathers. Another massacre is further coming so beware and behold that if eventually the business as usual stands, it is no longer democracy cause the incoming government, if you can trust my word will be against the will of the majority.

Edited By Aguocha Chinwendum
Published By Nwaiwu Chiukwuebuka 
For Umuchiukwu Writers .

The Braves , The Victims , And Those That Will Never Be Forgotten

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The Braves , The Victims , And Those That Will Never Be Forgotten 

■ Author : Don Black D
■ Twitter: @umuchiukwu
■ 26th May 2023 


Dear good people of the world, I know it will come to you as a surprise that today I've taken out time to write to you about my nation which is no other than Igbo/Biafra. Igbos or should I say Biafran people to be honest are indeed brave people and have never entertained any fear when dealing or tackling any unfavorable situations that pose a threat to their lives and existence. My people for ages had known, Peace, unity, and forbid anything Sense to be evil and continue doing so up to date. Let me take us down to history a little bit during the time of the slave trade though still present but in different dimensions. You can do me a favor by searching for this written document below on Google


It was documented to show you how brave and resistible my people can be anytime they sense or were faced with terrible situations that intended to force them against their will or belief though it was very unfortunate that some of them died in the process one thing is key and Worthy of note that we rather die than having anybody born of a woman the same way we were born to take us for a fool or trying to mess up with our belief, intelligence, morals, and rights to exist as a people or nation forcefully. 


This document was also written for history's sake to show the world our courage, bravery, and resistance over anything forcefully imposed on my people. Anything that's Allen to us, we have the right to question it effect whether it is impactful to our people or destructive. The Igbos or Biafran's abilities to sense danger ahead and start crying out loud for peaceful resolution shouldn't be taken for granted otherwise we believe in our God, our strengths, and trust in our capacities to make changes if need be. 


Not too many people know exactly what led to the gruesome civil war that erupted in Nigeria as far back as 1967 but to keep your reading time short kindly do your research about the war. Again the Igbos or Biafran people displayed their resistance and bravery over what they sensed to be evil, a threat to lives and people's existence though as a result, it caused people's lives and properties. Regardless the Igbos or Biafrans have this embedded in their DNA that no human should be subject to abuse or be deprived of human rights. It's a crime against nature and humanity and such shouldn't in any way be tolerated amongst all people of goodwill.


The Igbo people or Biafrans have become a sacrificial lambs in the hands of others whenever they rise to challenge the unbearable situations of things happening within or around their habitations. It seems like a battle between light and darkness and everybody is aware that darkness will never overcome light. The Igbos that always want Peace, Justice, Equity, Progress, and Development were trapped down by their oppressing powers, and as such making they bebecomeictims for standing up for what's right before God and man. If you search for the CHRONOLOGY OF IGBO MASSACRE then you'll understand better what my article is all about.

IGBOS can make Africa a beautiful place but the evil powers both Black and White joined together are doing their best to suppress the light which will eventually stand shining before the end of time as God "Chukwu Okike Abiama" had destined it to be. Just take back your memories to what happened during the 2023 Nigerian presidential and gubernatorial election for example. In a bid to stop the Labor Party presidential candidate Mr. Peter Obi an Igbo man and others from winning the presidential election, the IGBOS and other well meaningful and law-abiding citizens of the country were bullied and disenfranchised from exercising their lawful rights to vote in their choice candidates. This act is becoming a norm in Nigeria but again Igbos and Biafrans were victims This is not right and the reason why every reasonable human should support the call for a referendum to determine the willingness of the Igbo or Biafran people to decide for themselves whether to stay or leave Nigeria for peace to reign as this too is their human rights.


Yes, we won't forget those that have laid down their precious lives willingly or forcefully that we may be here so far. Every race, people, or nation has something to remember and some remain unforgettable so long they exist as a race, people, or nation. In my opinion, every single person that has done well for humanity in one way or the other should be remembered either as a person, group, or nation. The IGBOS are well known for this and nothing shall stop us from remembering our dead. We'll remember all of them cause they're precious to us and won't be forgotten.


This day is a day specially set aside to remember all our people who had lost their lives in the process of standing for Truth and the continued existence of the Biafran people. Many died defending their beliefs, culture, morals, and rights to live as a people to enable them to compete with others in the global world for Excellency, Peace, progress, and development. No power on Earth will stop this day cause we have the right to do so as both international and local laws give it a node too. I join faith with my other Igbo/Biafrans to pray that the souls of our dead may rest in peace as we remember them comes May, 30th 2023 worldwide. Thanks for all you've done for us and in honesty we're grateful. We will never forget you all.

Edited By Ezekwereogu John
Published By Nwaiwu Chiukwuebuka 
For Umuchiukwu Writers .

Misconception Of Some People Who Joined IPOB

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Misconception Of Some People Who Joined IPOB

■ Author : Don Black D
■ Twitter: @umuchiukwu
■ 24th May 2023 

In the year 2012. I was surfing the internet from one research to another when I heard a voice that said Google about Biafra. I followed the voice and google about Biafra. On opening the Page the first thing I saw was radio Biafra (in defense of freedom) and that caught my attention.

I clicked on the page behold I heard the voice of one man with so much courage and fearlessness, very focused and determined to ensure that the quest to restore Biafra becomes a reality with the people of liked mindedness. The sound and vibration coming out of his voice made me love the man and his messages. The more I listen to him the more my spirit goes high.

Immediately I remembered a Biafran soldier and that soldier was my very own father who told us about the history of the Biafran struggle. My heart beats as I listened further and for like 30 minutes uninterrupted then I realized that everything said on the radio Biafra by that thunderous voice I heard was nothing but the truth with factual backings.

I started meditating on every single word he said and I realized that a lot needs to be done since Biafra restoration is the major target of course, it's something worthy of note and truly is in defense of freedom for the good of the common man and humanity at large.

I joined the IPOB family that year 2012 and have understood the vision, purpose, and formula. As I continue with my family to get proper discipline and orientation. Here IPOB isn't Democratic because it is like a military Force moving in mass under one supreme head/command to ensure that members following will at all times obey the standing order. I became part of the IPOB family with the sole purpose of putting positive effort in any way possible to support the restoration of Biafra which was already ordained in heaven and awaits her manifestations here on Earth.

But some people have also joined the IPOB family for these wrong reasons.

1) TO GAIN POPULARITY: These people are tactical and were intentional during the time many of them became members. They knew that anything BIAFRA trust me will boom so they've come to make themselves popular because in IPOB we give indigenous people the opportunity to be part of us but will always try to ascertain their integrities and capabilities. The majority on this part had failed woefully as a result of pride, arrogarrogancekbite, and sarcasm against the family after they've gained popularity using IPOB as a platform but the result is trust IPOB is always bitter.

2) POWER: These people are power-mongering people but came in disguise. They've managed to scale through with their popularity gained using the IPOB family platform but when we're thinking that they're doing well plus given them every necessary attention to keep them up they resorted to dragging power with those that the IPOB office of directorates of states (DOS) had given a staff of office by ranking. This mindset will never go well and IPOB worldwide as a military Force under a strong supreme Commander will not tolerate it the result is a disgrace and a ban from all IPOB platforms because they posed a threat to this one United family under one strong voice.

3) BUSINESS: This one is completely a no-go area for IPOB as a family but then the hearts of men are full of treachery and deceit. One minute they're with you the second minute they're against you. These people joined us like every other IPOB family member and gained popularity using the platform. We believed in them and trusted them with power but little did we know that they were tactical and intentional. Now they're at the top and Biafrans are following and listening to them without knowing that they've come to do business hiding under the name of IPOB. These people without receiving any instructions from the directorates of states (DOS) will ask family members to buy T-shirts, caps, and Stickers, and contend tribute money for things that don't with the order from the supreme head or head of the IPOB directorates. Some when there's a sspressingeed for funding officially from IPOB will collect the money from family members and divert it for their use. I know of many but mentioning names would cause more harm than good. In their heads, they, think they're smarter but forge-forget IPOB is a spirit. They'll follow you everywhere you go and make sure you lose your popularity, power,d crash that illegitimate business that you're doing while hiding under her name, logo, or, any platform.

4) LEADERSHIP: These sometimes amuses me. How on earth should these people think or believe that leadership is to be obtained by fire by thunder? Maybe in their heads IP, OB is Nigeria where the last comes first and the process to that effect doesn't matter, and if you're not cool with it then to Court. I laugh in Jamaica! They joined IPOB with the hope or should I say expectations that they'll be leaders. 

How can one be a leader without knowing the basics and following the principles, possessing the characteristics and qualities to be a true leader? N? wonder they mess things up when given a little opportunity without having any remorse for their actions. 

IPOB as I stated above has principles and well-grounded poses on which they're doing what you see them doing. They're open doesn't mean that they're not organized. 

So if your intention or reason for joining or being part of this largest family movement worldwide is not solely to restore Biafra to a place of a freedom, unity, justice, equality, progress, hope, development,and good life, please stay off otherwise your end will be so bad that nobody would like to associate with you ever again. 

IPOB only under Mazi Nnamdi kanKanu our gateway to the restoration of the sovereign State of Biafra. (ENWEGHI KA ESI EME YA)

Edited By Ezekwereogu John
Published By Nwaiwu Chiukwuebuka 
For Umuchiukwu Writers .

Security Forces and Allied Militias killed 900 unarmed citizens, Extorted 1,400 under Gov. Hope Uzodinma in 29 months Between Jan 2021-May 2023 — Intersociety

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Security Forces and Allied Militias killed 900 unarmed citizens, Extorted 1,400 under Gov. Hope Uzodinma in 29 months Between Jan 2021-May 2023 — Intersociety 

■ Twitter: @umuchiukwu

■ 23th May 2023 

The International Society for Civil Liberty and Rule of Law (Intersociety) on 21st May 2023 made comprehensive reports concerning the killings, arbitral arrests, and disappearances of civilians in Imo State.  

The human rights group headed by Emeka Umeagbalasi Board Chairman and its board members during a press conference in Enugu released 33 pages of atrocities happening in Imo State under Gov Hope Uzodinma in a program tagged 'war crimes, crimes against humanity, and other Int'l atrocities overrun the Imo State of Nigeria, and with two major sub-headings:

1. In 29 months (Jan 2021-May 2023) under Gov. Hope Uzodinma, Security Forces and Allied Militias Killed 900 Unarmed Citizens, Wounded 700, Arrested 3500, Extorted and Freed 1,400, Disappeared 300, Burned Down 1,200 Civilian Houses, Displaced 30,000 Owners, and Forced 500,000 Citizens in active age brackets being Shot And Killed Or Abducted And Disappeared By Security Forces.

2. Armed non-state actors (Fulani Jihadists, Counterfeit Agitators, Death Squads, Street Violent Criminal Entities, Etc.) killed 700 (400 in captivity and 300 in open shootings) and abducted 900.

Speaking during the program, the human rights group reported that in a shocking display of brutality, security forces, and allied militias, under the leadership of Gov. Hope Uzodinma, have mercilessly killed 900 unarmed citizens and left many more wounded in just 29 months between January 2021-May 2023.

However, they maintained that the Nigerian army and other state actors were majorly behind the crimes and atrocities in Imo State and the South East in general.  

The controversial Supreme Court verdict the root cause of the Imo whereby the Supreme Court of Nigeria on 14th Jan 2020 installed the present governor and government of Imo State after awarding victory to a fourth-place finisher in the March 2019 Imo governorship poll by upholding controversial results from 388 polling units never captured or reflected in the INEC's official records. 

Mass murder was recorded In January 2020 resulting in 600 citizens being secretly killed by armed state actors in Imo and 300 dying In open shootings.

Furthermore, they reported that from  January 2021-May 2023, armed state actors attacked and razed 280 synagogues and 300 traditional sanctuaries in Imo, Excessive class criminalization, and reprisals were also behind mass murders and house burnings in Imo. 1,500 of the arrested 3,500 citizens are still being held, 600 have been killed, and 1,400 have been extorted and released. 

13 of every 15 people killed openly in Imo are unarmed, and 15 of every 15 people killed secretly are unarmed.

Imo has been home to eight violent non-state actor entities since January 2021. 95% of Investigations Into "Biafra matters" in Imo inconclusive, the human right report Stated.

In other words, criminal 'bail fees' imposed and forcefully collected from each of the "freed" detainees range from N300,000, N500,000, N1m to N5m (as the case may be). 

Accordingly, it must also be pointed out that the Nigeria Police Force is the most atrocious and its crack squads involved include IRT (Intelligence Response Teams), STS (Special Tactical Squads), Anti Terrorism, Anti Kidnapping, Anti Cultism, RRS (Rapid Response Squad), SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics Teams)  and the Anti Robbery Squads of the Imo State police command. 

Residences and communities and other social settings including sporting, funeral, Christian night vigils and funeral wake-keep, cultural and meeting arenas and palaces of traditional rulers, and church compounds have severally come under invasions or raids by security forces. Attendants of such social functions are arrested en mass and tagged "IPOB/ESN/Unknown Gunmen/supporters/sponsors". 

Scores of them are killed or wounded during such invasions or raids or shot and killed after attacks by non-state actors; are on several occasions consumed including hanging around their bodies or necks Biafra flags/cloths/bangles, etc. 

Un-prohibited firearms such as single/double barrel and pump action guns, cutlasses, fake charms, and military and police camouflages are usually placed on top of their dead bodies, to falsely portray them publicly as "ESN/IPOB/Unknown Gunmen killed in a gun duel. 

This heinous act of violence is a clear violation of human rights and cannot be tolerated. Those responsible for these atrocities must be held accountable for their actions.

The human rights group further explained that a group they described as counterfeit Biafra agitators fueled the mass killing in Imo and other Igbo States especially those in Finland, other countries, and Nigeria that called for 5 days to Sit at home, using armed criminals to enforce it.

In conclusion, the group made it known that they'll forward all their report to the International Criminal Court and international communities for justice to be served against those that are involved in human these gross human rights violations.

Ideologies Of Igbos Born At Home And The Ones Born Outside

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Ideologies Of Igbos Born At Home And The Ones Born Outside 

■ Author : Don Black D

■ Twitter: @umuchiukwu

■ 23th May 2023 

I've had numerous encounters with both the Igbos born in Igbo land before they traveled outside and the ones born outside Igbo land and have never returned to Igbo land. Here in this article, I want to categorically state the differences and how it is affecting our struggle.


This category of Igbo people was born at home and are well cultured. 

The majority of them understand the traditions of the land and not just that they're also aware of and believe in the universal saying that there's no place like home and as such charity must begin at home. So to many of them born in Igbo land, they know it is home first before anything. 

These Igbo people are wise enough to have completely understood that home is indeed home and further the reality on the ground in our everyday living in Nigeria always points us in that direction. The Igbos born and raised at home also know the importance of home cause they were born here, schooled here, raised here and everything about them is here. Home to them is everything that matters that's why after making money outside Igbo land a good percentage of them come back home to build and invest their wealth here. 

This category of Igbo people doesn't believe that (EVERYWHERE IS HOME) as the Nigerian of yesterday, today and tomorrow doesn't guarantee that in real-time even though the Constitution stated that as a law every citizen of the country has the right to leave and acquire properties anywhere but whenever there's little conflict between them and other ethnicities the Igbos will be forced to abandon their lawfully acquired properties or face with the threat of losing their lives.

The Igbos born here don't buy such ideas they have comfort in investing or should I say developing their homes. Most of these home-raised Igbo sons and daughters were the brains behind ONYE OGAZIRI YA CHETE NWANNE YA in translation it means if it is going well with you remember your siblings. 

Igbo land is currently experiencing these rapid developments as a result of those that fall into this category. I say kudos to them cause truly they're the real pioneers. No matter where they're in the world that spirit of one day I'll make it and return home never leaves their hearts. This category is the one making us proud both at home and abroad unlike the category below :


This category of Igbo people was the reason why things are getting difficult whenever the issue of home development comes into the picture. Their knowledge about home simply means staying far and wide, raising children and they'll grow without having anything to do with home. They know nothing about the cultures, traditions, and customs of the Igbo people yet they're called by our names. The only good thing about this set of Igbo people is that they were told that they're Igbos perhaps from Anambra, Enugu, Abia, Ebonyi, Imo, Delta, Benue, or even Rivers. 

This category was most likely the ones causing us more harm than good and sometimes they lose their lives and properties due to their ignorance although they'll say to you that their father or mother is Igbo but ask them about their villages, towns, local government areas is only then you'll understand that they're nothing but OFEKE cause their ignorance concerning the Nigeria of yesterday, today and tomorrow is mind blowing and needs urgent Psychiatric attention. My encounters with some of this set make me wonder if truly they're Igbos. 

All their houses and investments were found outside Igbo land so to them EVERYWHERE IS A HOME which reality always throws to their faces anytime you've civil unrest in the country like what happened in the presidential/gubernatorial election on March 2023. 

I want to question the interest of the Igbo people in Lagos state gubernatorial elections where you've three major governorship candidates all from the same ethnic nationality contesting for the office of a governor in Lagos. 

Let me say that if one among the three contestants Mr. A, B, and C for example have won the election, he'll of course champion the betterment of the state, mind you it's not in your own Igbo state. So putting your lives at risk anytime there's a gubernatorial election in none Igbo state is unthinkable when you should've traveled back to your home state and voted out that bad man occupying the office of the governor while making life so unbearable for the people? This category of Igbo people will argue that HOME IS EVERYWHERE but I doubted it cause the Nigerian of yesterday, today, and tomorrow if you mark my words will never allow that to happen. 

These people are quick to make comments about other people's houses catching fire but when theirs catches fire they'll keep mute. The level of cowardice and idiosyncrasies you found in this category of Igbo born outside the home is overwhelming that those born at home will rather take bullets and do everything within their power to protect their common interest because they know for sure that if the home is destroyed one has lost a place of love, comfort, relaxation, Peace, growth, unity, identify, worth and cover but to them born outside Igbos land. 

They've lost it all so seeking relevance where none is existing has become their day-to-day routine and this is a total waste of time and effort. 

They should rethink now and start looking for ways to return to me the gene runs in them.


These Igbo people born outside the homeland that have never returned home have in one way or another affected the home struggle to make home a better place for our children. 

Their inability to sense danger is too obvious that all their properties and investments were outside Igbo land and this put them at risk as usual whenever ethnic sentiment beclouded the Nigerian political space. Economically, these people are setting us backward and using the resources that are supposed to be invested in our land and are investing it elsewhere. They've become landlords, company owners, and employment of labor. Yes, nothing is really bad about these developments except that they'll still lose it to the other tribes waiting to deploy all means to destroy whatever establishments put in place by this category of Igbo people because of greed, envy, jealousy, and hatred against the Igbo nation in general. This is not a wise thing to do because it's like building a house on the sand that when the flood comes it'll blow it away.

This category of Igbo people feel alright developing other people's villages, bushes and even bought land inside water, sand fill it, and build on it. All these investments outside the homeland make it difficult for them to return home as they prefer to die there than come back home. Indeed where one's wealth is, is where the heart is though they've forgotten that the Nigerian structure or should I say enterprise was never meant for their good, and by developing your homeland you'll surely have stable peace, comfort, growth, development, worth and command respect amongst your people.

I pity these Igbo people that have worked so hard to earn their money but foolishly invested it all outside Igbo land. Imagine how many Igbo markets were burnt down in Lagos, Kano, and other states in Nigeria just because they see things differently. Properties and goods were destroyed and people were again rendered hopeless. The selected Igbo people's buildings were demolished by the Lagos state government in another case study. Yet these Igbo people will beg and behave as if nothing had happened because they've lost respect, Worth, Identity, and sense of belonging. They hated Igbo land for no reason but not until they start having a rethink and looking forward to home building and development they'll remain irrelevant and continue to receive a nobody's type of treatment from the Nigerian State cause they're senseless and worthless for feeling that they can prosper where there's animosity.


Edited By Ezekwereogu Odinaka

Published By Nwaiwu Chiukwuebuka 

For Umuchukwu Writers .

How Britain, America, France And Others Underdeveloped Africa For Centuries

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How Britain, America, France And Others Underdeveloped Africa For Centuries

■ Author : Chinonso Igwebuike Mbah
■ Twitter: @umuchiukwu
■ 17th May 2023 

Map of Africa 

The Western world has always been against good, quality leaders and leadership in Africa, those who have dreams of changing Africa and Africans, their wish for Africa has always been to plunder her natural resources and render Africans useless, which was why they have always been the ones orchestrating genocide and terrorism in Africa to sell their weapons, yet they seek the arrest of President Vladimir Putin over a false propagated genocide in Ukraine but hide suspects who have committed massive genocides in Africa to continue plundering her natural resources.

The primary aim of the Western world has always been to plunder the God-given natural resources in Africa and undermine Africa from becoming an independent and developing continent, slave trade was an agenda by the Western world to weaken Africa and use Africans as a labour force to build the West, they created artificial borders in Africa just to simplify their dark economic policies on Africa, their greatest nightmare is if Africa should unit in one accord the West will be in one almighty mess.

They are scared if Africa should produce good leaders who will in turn be productive and turn their fortunes and economy around they wouldn't have those who would be sleeping at their various embassies queueing and paying them huge visa fees just to come over to their country and serve their aged parents, changing their diapers. 

They know the integrity and mission of some African leaders which is the reason they masterminded the death of leaders like Thomas Sankara, Muammar Gaddafi, Kwame Nkrumah, Patrice Lumumba and others alike, these are African leaders who were ready to turn the fortunes of their people using their God-given resources but their lives were cut short by the sword of the Western leaders. 

In that same way, they conspired against the emergence of Biafra so that Africa could continue in darkness.
Many corrupt African leaders today are their spies in perfecting their perpetual plans of promoting genocidal wars in Africa just like they used the war criminal Jack Yakubu Gowon of Nigeria and others in 1967-70 to carry out a genocidal war on innocent and defenceless Biafran people killing women and children using starvation as a weapon of war, the civil wars in Africa is a loophole for Western nations to keep on exploiting Africa

Never preach to us about the love tendencies of the Western nations towards Africa, because we know their hypocritical nature.

It is the weakness, cowardice and slavery mentality of some African leaders that propelled the Western nations to invade Libya, massacre civilians and killed Muammar Gaddafi a Pan-Africanist who stood against Western imperialism. African leaders due to corruption were too afraid to speak up and rally behind Pan-Africanist leaders, very sad indeed! 
It is a shame that African leaders left every Pan-Africanist leader to face the Western vandals alone who were coming for their heads and the progress of Africa, we turned blind eyes while Western nations massacred and slaughtered every Pan-Africanist in broad daylight.

The West has orchestrated Africa for centuries and yet Africans don't want to rise and defend their territories, the Western vandals want Africans to continuously remain inferior to them as such they fight, imprison and kill anyone who tries to educate Africans on the Western exploitation and degradation of our land and natural resources, in many cases using brainwashed and corrupt Africans to accomplish their evil plans.

For many centuries now the Western nations have been the ones sabotaging the freedom, progress and development of Africa either directly or through military intervention or through hypocritically defending democracy and human rights and forcefully installing their puppets as leaders who must continue to do their bidding as long as they are kept in power.

The plundering of African natural resources for centuries is the bane of poverty and death in Africa while it has remained the source of the development of the Western world and its technological revolution and gains. 

They deceive us with their meagre aid and scholarships while they fight against the emergence of innovative leadership in Africa and innovation from revolutionary leaders in Africa which means doom to their imperialistic doctrine.
The straw that broke the camel's back was Muammar Gaddafi's innovative move and idea of an African singular currency that would have made every African country not be indebted to the IMF and the world bank which the Western world has used to cage Africa and African leaders and the current resurgence of the Russian Federation relations with some African countries.

The undermining of Africa by the Western nations is a well-thought-out strategy for centuries, their wish is to always have access to Africa's natural resources whenever they want.

Edited By Aguocha Chinwendum  
Published By Nwaiwu Chiukwuebuka 
For Umuchukwu Writers .
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