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Biafra-land Bubbles for Kanu and Biafra


July 18 2021 | Umuchineke Writers

The slated July 26, 2021, court appearance of the Supreme Leader of Indigenous People of Biafra, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, is no doubt precipitating a huge bubble of activities all over Biafra-land and Nigeria in general. The charismatic freedom fighter will be making a defence against bogus charges pressed against him by the oppressive government of Nigeria, and Biafrans are really bracing up for the D-day. 

Kanu’s abduction and illegal detention is considered as a state terrorism against all Biafrans and not just Kanu and his freedom fighting group. The Biafran nation and foreign elements sympathetic to their cause describe Kanu’s case as sheer persecution and blatant show of hatred against the Biafrans. 26 July therefore is a very important date for them. 

Kanu and his freedom fighting group, IPOB, have not committed any known crime against the Nigerian state or any other country in the world. All they have done is peacefully agitate for an independent Biafran state from Nigeria which they feel has not just been inimical to their growth as a people, but has also been visiting genocide on them for centuries. 

The Nigerian state has however twisted the whole thing, criminalized IPOB’s activities not minding the fact that self-determination is enshrined in its own constitution, and has been killing and incarcerating the group members. 

As solidarity to the persecuted Kanu, Biafrans within the Biafran territory have pledged not to engage in any economic activity on Kanu’s trial day, while those outside Biafra-land will storm Abuja to witness the court proceedings.

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Chibuike Nebeokike

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