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Implications Of The Joint Military Attacks On South-East Region


June 28 2021 | Umuchineke Writers

The Deputy Commissioner of Police, Mr. Abba Kyari and his tactical team, have been officially deployed to the South-East where  cases of banditry, kidnapping, killings and sacking of villages by the indigenes are absolutely non-existent, except for the new wave of Fulani terrorist attacks on villages in Anambra, Enugu, Ebonyi and Abia States. This is a quagmire that has prevailed unchallenged by both the State and Federal Governments.until  Eastern Security Network (ESN) surfaced. This is a vigilante outfit formed by the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), to protect the villages and farmlands from Fulani terrorist attacks within the region.

It is imperative to note that Mr. Abba Kyari hails from Borno State, a Boko Haram ravaged state. It therefore beats my imagination that the Nigerian government has never deemed it fit to deploy the so-called super corp, Mr. Abba Kyari and his tactical team to the Mohammedian North despite the daily killings, banditry, kidnapping and sacking of villages in that region.

In Yorubaland, Igangan to be specific, has been dealt with dangerously by the same Fulani terrorists without any Abba Kyari, his tactical team and military joint operations deployed to the rescue. It seems to me at this juncture, that there is a well thought out scheme by the Fulanis with the active support of the federal government of Nigeria to exterminate the indigenous populations in Nigeria. Because in Buhari's one  Nigeria, all heads of military, paramilitary and other non-arm bearing federal government agencies, are headed by the fulani ethnic group which is fuelling fears and rumours from all quarters, of a sinister plot by the Fulanis to dominate, subjugate and finally levy war against the indigenous population in a bid to achieve an age long dream of dipping the Quoran in the Atlantic Ocean. 

I am of the opinion that the joint military operation going on in the South-East, is born out of frustration with the successful campaign by Eastern Security Network (ESN), against Fulani terrorists destroying  farmlands, raping women and killing poor farmers in the process. The Nigerian government being the chief sponsor of Fulani terrorism in Nigeria, decided to recruit Boko Haram and other terrorist groups into the military which are being deployed to the South-East in continuation of what the Fulani killer herdsmen could not accomplish.

The activities of Mr. Abba Kyari, the Deputy Commissioner of Police - DCP, in the region, are totally questionable. An adage says thus: ''no one chases rat when his house is on fire".' Nigeria has been on fire in the North where Abba Kyari hails from, why the negligence of the terrorists in that region and why the deployment of his tactical team and a joint military operation in the South-East? Why the extra-judicial killings of Igbo youths in Owerri and other parts of Biafraland? suffice it to say that Igbos in Buhari's Nigeria have been marked for total decimation!

Published by:
Chibuike Nebeokike



June 20 2021 | Umuchineke Writers

When the divine hand of God is moving any man, especially to the doom and ruin of the person concerned, it is impossible for that man to understand what is happening until he is finally and totally destroyed.

It is in the light of the above that the recent gathering of, and declaration by the so-called Southeast socio-political leaders can be viewed, from which certain salient points can be highlighted.

One important point that needs not escape any person's attention is that the so-called Southeast leaders have never been in support of the freedom of Biafrans, as being pursued by IPOB. So, the voicing or stating their opposition to the program of IPOB is a mere rigmarole in trivialities.

Again, seeing that the so-called Southeast leaders, who are fitly described as scavengers of the feudalistic caliphate, have never been in support of the freedom project, it doesn't need any prophet to state the fact that whatever position they are publicizing is to gratify, pacify, and assuage their Janjaweed masters.

In addition to the above, it must be noted that even though these errand boys and crumb pickers, who delude themselves by addressing themselves as leaders, have re-echoed their masters' voice. It is on record that they have asserted their position, which is in opposition to the general desire and demand of the Biafran people. This implies that in the day of reckoning, it is what they made known to the world as their position that would be the basis of determining who they are (I hope somebody understands).

Most importantly, by consistently and repeatedly asserting their opposition to, as well as making persistent calls for the massacre of Biafrans, for calling for Self-Determination, the so-called Southeast leaders are advertising their foolishness, while admitting the superiority of the reasoning of the terroristic Janjaweed.

Expatiating the above, it can be seen that while the Janjaweed shield, protect, encourage, and reward their terrorists, the slavish scavengers spearhead the killing of their own kinsmen, especially youths, for the gratification and satisfaction of their feudal overlords.

Because this Biafra Restoration project is divine, this situation is allowed so that at the end of the day, it will be on record that the Northern elders and leaders did nothing to stem the tide of destruction of their land by the terrorists that they groomed, while the so-called leaders of the east did everything, including paying for the terrorists in uniform to come and kill their own people, just to ensure that the emancipation of Biafrans did not see the light of the day.

When you put the above in broader perspectives, it will be seen that the goal of spiting IPOB, which the so-called South-east leaders must have set out to achieve by their so-called declaration, has turned out to be an evangelism avenue for the enigmatic IPOB, which not only has won many converts for IPOB, but has exposed the inferiority, vacuity, moronism, cowardice, ostrichism, and hollow headedness of the Eastern errand boys, who delude themselves by addressing themselves as leaders.


Source: The Biafra Telegraph

Published by:
Chibuike Nebeokike

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