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Need For A Separate and Independent Judeo-Christian Nation Of Biafra From Islamic-controlled Nigeria As Championed By IPOB

Need For A Separate and Independent Judeo-Christian Nation Of Biafra From Islamic-controlled Nigeria As Championed By IPOB

■ Author : John Ogbuiyi  
■ Twitter:@umuchiukwu
■ 4th May 2023

IPOB members Protesting in Austria 

IPOB's quest for a separate nation of Biafra has time and over been proven to all and sundry that the Nigerian establishment, its government, and Western backers have failed to address the issues of the wanton killings, forceful disappearances, blunt marginalization, and blunt discrimination that the Biafran people are forced to live within Nigeria since inception and especially since after Nigeria war of genocide against the Biafra people. 

The mainly Judeo-Chritian Biafran people, who are situated in the eastern part of Nigeria, have always been so marginalized and excluded from socio-political and economic opportunities in Nigeria that in their ploy to scheme out and cheat the Biafran people in all works of life, employed corruption and brutal force as their pseudo official manner of running the country.

The creation of a separate independent nation away from Nigeria will instantly provide the Biafran people with not only a sense of freedom, security, autonomy, and self-determination, it will ultimately allow the Biafran people to control their own political and economic destiny. Throughout the sojourn of Biafrans in Nigeria, the Nigerian state and its government has not only consistently failed to address the needs and concerns of the Biafran people but have murdered Biafrans in their numbers whenever the Biafrans raise their voices to demand better treatment. 

The very dark and wicked experience easterners have had in Nigeria as a whole has made it clear that the only way for them to achieve true progress and development in any field of human experience for their people is through the creation of a separate nation of Biafran as soon as possible.

The critics of IPOB's Biafra movement argue that leaving Nigeria would only lead to further fragmentation and instability in West Africa and Africa as a whole. They say it can even exacerbate the issues Biafrans faced in Nigeria by creating new ethnic and political divisions.

To these critics, my answer will be the same as that of IPOB's leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu who has often said that IPOB'S goal is to return the people of Biafra to who they were and used to be before the Western European colonizers came. 

He had argued that the reasoned homogeneous African nations and peoples that have been leaving side by side with one another for thousands of years peacefully are at each other throats today as a result of their being invaded and subsequently colonized by foreigners who later created countries out of nations that have separate cultures, languages, foods, and value systems. 

In any case, the IPOB movement and her cause to date has meticulously pursued through peaceful and lawful means, without resorting to violence or the violation of the rights of others. IPOB bearing in mind the validity of the concerns and serious grievances of the Biafra people that underlie her quest for a separate Biafran nation from Nigeria resonates on the conscience of all conscious people around the globe, has till today deemed it essential that all its actions taken in pursuit of its goals are carried out in a manner that respects the rule of law and the rights of all individuals.

Edited by Ezekwereogu Odinaka 
Published By Nwaiwu Chiukwuebuka 
For Umuchiukwu Writers .

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