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Ndi Igbo: The Acknowledgement Of Who We Are

                                    Ndi Igbo: The Acknowledgement Of Who We Are

■ Author:Chinonso Igwebuike Mbah

■ Twitter:@umuchiukwu

■ 01.11.2023 

The solemn aim of why the modern extraction of Ndi-Igbo is poor and backward is a result of the colonial era and the inability of the modern Igbo billionaires to share their wealth with the less privileged Igbo youths.

But today IPOB is indeed changing the colonial mindset and building a  unique enabling Igbo society in which the accountability of Ndi-Igbo matters.

The precolonial era of Ndi-Igbo was all about the philosophy of "Creativities" and Industrialization, words like unemployment never existed in our philosophy, in our villages and kindreds our youths were established to have something doing, we were self-sufficient and wealth creation was a family thing in which properties, farmlands, yam bans, fowls, goats and cattle were transferred from one generation to another generation, wealth creation is not something new to Ndi-Igbo because it has been our natural way of life.

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It's very disheartening to note that Ndi-Igbo started having the mentality of want, need, monetary desire, fame, envy and greed when they lost their identity and natural knowledge of who they were before the slavery and colonial era because according to history Ndi-Igbo were civilized and republicans in nature before the invasion of our land by the colonialists. trading was part of the civilization being practised by Ndi-Igbo before colonialization, these are people whose wealth were gotten without having to study at the Oxford university.

The big question today remains, how did Ndi-Igbo become transformed into a people opposite of what our forebears used to be? 

It's high time Ndi-Igbo focus more on researching and having knowledge of who they are, our cultural values and ways of life, we need to analyze life from an Igbocentric perspective and become conscious and aware of the power of togetherness and oneness of Ndi-Igbo.

It is on record that the ancient Igbo "NWA BOI" apprenticeship system among the Igbo Biafrans has produced more Millionaires than Oxford University, the Igbo people are more versatile in trade and business and can adapt to any system in a short period than any other people.

The Igbo can endure hard times and harsh policies and are capable of turning unfruitful places and businesses into heavens of opportunities and fountains of investment.

After the 1967-70 genocidal war on Biafrans, Igbo people were only given Twenty Naira no matter the amount they had in their bank accounts even millionaires were given just Twenty Naira to start life afresh in some states and regions in Nigeria their properties were ceased by fellow citizens or claimed by the government but within two decades they turned it around and are now owners of about 60 per cent properties in Lagos and Abuja and are controlling 80 per cent of the major markets, industries and business centres in entire Nigeria.

Despite the economic strangulation of Igbo land, history will always have it that Ndi-Igbo were never beggars, the fact remains that colonization has completely undermined the Indigenous ways of life of an Igbo man, it is time to retrace our steps to the knowledge of where we are from, who we are and what we are to determine our destination.

Edited By Aguocha Chinwendum 

For Umuchiukwu Writers

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