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Biafra: Impediments To Africa's Greater Future And Survival

                         Biafra: Impediments To Africa's Greater Future And Survival

■ Author:Esiaba Chibuihe

■ Twitter:@umuchiukwu

■ 19.01.2024

As the state of awakening is going on in every nook and cranny of Africa deepens, we must continue to add our voices and resources to see to the success of this great mental enlightenment and revolution for the complete emancipation of the entire African race from colonial wishful thinking.

As long as Africa continues to score very low in our collective economic, political, technological and scientific advancement amongst other continents of the world, we must continue to question, reflect, introspect, and ride our minds back to the reality on the ground and questions that which confronts us as a race every day. We may try to escape from these questions that pose on our faces for all we like, but one day we'll realize that the earlier we start looking for answers to these questions, the better for us all.

Some of the pertinent questions begging for answers are:

1. Why Is Africa Poor? 

2. Who is responsible and who is to be blamed for the stricken state of poverty in Africa?

3. For how long shall we continue to depend on foreign aid for survival? etc. 

When we begin to meditate our minds on the above questions and alikes, then we shall start searching for answers for a long-lasting solution. We all know that Africa has gone through the darkest history of slavery, but are we the only people who were colonized by these colonial scavengers? The answer is NO. Most countries in South East Asia like Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia, the Philippines etc, were all colonized by these same criminals who colonized Africa, they fought for their freedom and today they are free, and what is keeping Africa so long to be free? 

"Ọbu na ọkpu isi amaghi akpụ, ka ọbu na agụba adighi nkọ"? 

Most of these questions are pointing almost the same angle which must be our utmost focus for the people of Black race to fight for their true freedom, namely; colonial boundaries, religion and imperialism must be abolished on African soil. These three factors among others have played a very vital role in keeping Africa down for the benefit of the colonial criminals.

A) COLONIAL BOUNDARIES: Until Africans rise in a simultaneous form to question all these boundaries created by the European slave merchants to suit their purpose of creating confusion and disunity among African brothers and sisters, we haven't gotten it right if we continue to keep aloof and allow these colonial boundaries in Africa to keep us in check. If truly Africans want to restore Africa for Africans, countries like the giant Z00logical Republic of Nigeria in West Africa must cease to exist. Nigeria is the number one impediment to Africa's strive for true freedom and greater future, it was created by the British colonial criminals to ridicule, embarrass and weigh the entire African continent down forever. 

The Z00 Nigeria was amalgamated and the boundaries there-in were created by the British imperial government without the consent of the indigenous independent nations within this geo-space or territory(s), despite the expiration of the forced 100years amalgamation document, the British government has used their puppets in political positions to draw more boundaries in the Biafra Territory, this act was deliberately done or put in place to continue to sowing the seeds of distraught, confusion and distractions which becloud our sense of reasoning from knowing their main aim of illegal exploitations.

They introduced this format just to continue stealing our oil and gas with lots of other resources. In the same way, Onye Igbo from West Africa can not go to Europe to interrupt the existing European boundaries, create and impose his boundary, so shall we never allow them to have control over our boundaries here in Africa? For us to claim human equality, we must be ready to pay any sacrifice that is required of us to secure and earn ourselves the ground upon which to stand.

B)RELIGION: When we say that the truth is the safest ground to stand, do not forget the three types of truth, your truth, my truth and the truth itself. As a Christian, there is a big difference between the Biblical indoctrinated truth and a visual evidence/realistic truth from our various common senses. I stand my ground that I'm not against anyone's belief, but I'm against the vast growing ignorance of our people. We must not be emotionally drained, let's be emotionally strong. This very weapon called religion has yielded the required fruits for colonial criminals. Moreover, do not forget that the first ship to transport slaves from Africa to Europe (Trans-Atlantic) was named "Jesus Of Lubeck", as far back as, in 1560's chartered to British slave merchants by Queen Elizabeth I, by this same throne currently in England, this same British government that gave you 'Church Of England' (Anglican Communion Church). With their version of the word of God, they were able to destroy our age long history, traditions and culture.

The simplest way to destroy your future is to demonize your ancestors, when you demonize your ancestors you have lost your history bearing, and a race without history is like a tree without roots, it can't stand. Mind you, we must be mentally free for us to utilize our physical freedom. Their ancestors who kidnapped, raped our women naked in broad daylight, put chains on our necks and bundled us away for slavery were all recorded in the Bible as Saints. To justify their atrocities, they forced our ancestors (the victims of slavery) to accept that they are sinners, that one of them (Jesus) has paid the sacrifice of our sins for us to have salvation and eternal life which is pure lies.

The criminal Europeans claim that their Jesus Christ is somewhere in an unseen air (heaven) waiting to judge and receive us after death. The same way they told us that Adam and Eve are our ancestors, the same way they told us that the holy spirit impregnated Mary after her wedding and not the husband. We believe all this nonsense because we are mentally, emotionally and psychologically afraid of the threat of hellfire after death, not that we can't contrast between the truth and the lies. They told us that at the mention of the name Jesus Christ, every knee shall bow, but in their land, they don't fight a battle with the name of Jesus Christ, rather they invented nuclear weapons to force other nations to bow at the mention of their earthly names. This was confirmed by the letter written by King Louis Leopold II of Belgium in 1883 to Belgian Missionaries in Congo Africa.

Louis Leopold II confirmed that the essential purpose of Missionaries/Christianity was to install nothing less than Colonial interests. They know that God and the Holy Spirit is an unseen beings, and they take advantage of that to distract Africans from the treasures in our ground and underground, thus building our treasures in an unseen heaven whilst they keep looting our physical treasures to build their heaven here on earth in their land. For how long shall we continue to depend on an unseen God to fight our physical battles?

For how long shall we continue to occupy our land spaces with Church buildings to pray for an unseen Jesus Christ to give us miracle jobs, we convert industries into prayer grounds begging a white spiritual Jesus Christ to give us physical jobs, for how long shall we continue to endure this malfeasance in our society?.  Your pastor that is feeding from your sweat won't tell you that no country in the history of mankind was developed through the blood of Jesus Christ, rather industrial, agricultural and technological revolutions did. 

The same church pastor that will tell you to buy a cow for thanksgiving to Jesus Christ because you got a visa to Japan, China or India won't let you know that those countries embraced science and technology, not Jesus Christ, and today those countries have earned themselves honour and dignity before the comity of nations, but as a black man from Africa with Jesus Christ you are being embarrassed from their countries down to your embassies of the world.

And you think it's normal? It's not. Only Africans go beyond their borders in search of a white god. Let's stop praying for a spiritual god to physically provide for our physical needs, we can do it ourselves. Necessity is the mother of all invention, but if we allow ourselves to be beclouded with the false hope that we will soon depart the earth for a greater city in heaven, we will wait and die a pauper, our children will continue, so shall their children die in poverty because it's very hard for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven as deceptively stated in the Bible. 

IPOB as a self-determination movement in West Africa is today fighting for the freedom of Biafrans because we want a better and brighter physical future for our generations to come, if we keep indoctrinating them with this false hope, they will be so reluctant to fight for our rights and freedom.  We can only know the value of freedom only when we are mentally free.

C) IMPERIALISM: The continent of Africa is in a retrogressive state today because of these neo-colonialists who have refused to quit their interests in Africa, they make laws for Africans and use their political jobbers to impose these laws. They use the resources stolen from Africa to torment us, breed and sponsor countless terrorist groups, mostly in West Africa and Nigeria precisely. 

As the marauding F00lani terrorists are enjoying the protection of the British government from the international arena, the Nigeria government are masterminding their activities, as terrorism rages in Nigeria, the British government seizes the opportunity to continue piping natural gas from Biafraland to Europe with no hindrance. They sponsor election malpractices just to keep imposing their puppets on the throats of Africans.

They have committed unforgivable sins to the black race in general. That's why you see France spitting on our faces, by using Total Energies to sponsor the African Cup of Nations. They'll always want Africa to always rely on their hypocritical 'aid'. That's why they do all they can to suppress our voices, they pressured the President of Ghana to cancel the conference "Igniting The Voice Of Africans" with just no reason.

As Onyendu Mazi Nnamdi Kanu will always say, ''That the Western world and the entire Europe sees the end of the world any day a black man rises and starts reasoning properly''. It doesn't matter what these criminal imperialists do, Africa must be free. In this very generation, there's no alternative to this very cause being championed by IPOB and Mazi Nnamdi Kanu which is the total liberation of Africa.

"No amount of nuclear energy can stop a people who are determined to be free". These are little out of the numerous impediments holding us the Black African Race and this generation must get it right this time by preparing ourselves for the greater task ahead which includes resistance against their hegemonic policies, including the hunting of their errand boys in political positions of power.

Enough is enough! 

Africa Must Be Free!

It's Our right to demand self-determination and it's our collective right to survive as a people and a continent.
Biafra is the light and hope for Africa! 
Support Biafra's Freedom! Support Eastern Security Network! 
Support the unconditional release of IPOB leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu! 

Edited By Aguocha Chinwendum 

Published By Umuchiukwu Writers

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