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September 23 2019 | Umuchineke Writers

Igbo is a race, notable and outstanding in Biafra land at the south eastern part of Nigeria. It is located at a neutral longitude and latitude, which is the zero-degree latitude and longitude of the earth crust. The Igbos are the very first people that had been existing before any other race that is why, they are called Ndi-gbo; meaning the people of the ancient, the very ancient people that had lived on this earth for thousands of years before other race came into existence.

By nature, Ndi-gbo are godly people, naturally lives a holy lifestyle as was postulated and outlines in the Holy bible, categorically stated that Ndi-gbo had not learned their lifestyle from the Bible but rather their life style were put into writing as unto most part of the old testaments of the Bible for others to emulate. They are very proud and special breeds of people that suffered the notable slavery in Egypt, under the merciless rulership of Pharaoh of Egypt, for the very signs are there, to be remembered and diver’s punishments as training from God. 

The outstanding and very expensive pyramids were built by Ndi-gbo in the Egypt, just after they have been delivered out of the land of Egypt by the Almighty God, they came back to this side of the Earth to start a freed life. Of which another expensive pyramid of Egypt was built in Enugu state, Biafra land, that reminded them, their slavery life in Egypt, as in case that generation after may see to know, that they were slave in the Egypt at one time Ndi-gbo are very gifted race of people, very strong, intelligent, and hardworking. They are tribe that never depended on anybody anytime; they had the mastery, of any stuff of suffering in the whole wide World as their God deposited it, in their DNA, that no matter how that suffering may be, they will certainly turn it to glory. They are family builder, and the real man for every home. They are lovely and caring set of species of people, fearless, in their endeavour and always at work. They abhor lies and eschew evil, praying to their God always.

There is despondent language often time use, that had stood as a burning flame against Ndi-gbo that, ‘Igbo ewe Eze’’ means that the Igbo race has no leader. This clause sound really as innuendo but was a down to the earth sarcasm of the century. But the truth behind the scene that one cannot easily see, is simply that Ndi-gbo by nature does not follow man but follower of the truth for their livelihood or style, gotten from God Almighty known as Chukwu Okike, who was their original leader by nature, or one that is called by God or Elders that has been custodian of the very laws of God, has been from the beginning. He that leads by truth lead them anytime and they will respond with the gesture of responsibility, only if one could prove his/her truthfulness beyond reasonable doubt.

After the civil war, every other leader that had ever appeared before them to lead, had been insincere, corrupted and planted by ever corrupted government of the time just to marginalized them and put them under their control. And since then, it had fettered out of control, which without much controversy the Igbo race and Israel in the Middle East had suffered more than any other race, even pogrom unrecorded in the whole wide world as one could neither imagine. Igbo are good people, which are fearless in nature, very strong and hardworking, respectful to Elders, whose truthfulness and sincerity is quite outstanding in dealings.

The Igbo race are builders and developers of the world as whole, fearless in competition and the dream race for every nation of the world. Igbo race has been drawing hope from God for a true leader that will lead them away from the mess we are in Nigeria, the very British contraction created from Royal Niger Company, the British arms of enslavement, very absurd, many have come and gone, and apart from late General Dim Odimegwu Ojukwu, who took us through the Civil War for freedom, that the world in conglomerate could not let be, for our freedom to be in view, every other one that has ever risen after, were insincere and could not be trusted, until Almighty Chukwu Okike brought Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the Prince of Afara Ukwu Ibeku kingdom in Umuahia province in Biafraland, who studied in University of Nigeria Nsukka and in Great Britain with very sound knowledge of history, with great determination for the freedom of his people Biafrans, never sell out like those, that came before him. 

The other day, Biafrans came to conclusion that for more than five decades since Nigeria came into existence, even after the gruesome murdered of our people during the Civil War era that raises Biafran people more than their personal life are nobody apart from late General Dim Odimegwu Ojukwu and the great Prince of Afara Ibeku Mazi Nnamdi Kanu that loves his People.

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike

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