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September 03 2020 | Umuchineke Writers

Let's listen to what Ojukwu said about Aburi-Accord. A learned man, highly polished.

"The Tapes are available, the records are there (Aburi records), about two weeks ago I saw the records. The transcripts are available. We talked about the Nigerian situation and certainly at the end, everybody said Oh you tell them this you tell them that. The fact was that, our case (BIAFRA) was so clear that I actually believed at the end of Aburi that the problem was not Gowon. There were some Ambassadors in Lagos who were pressing for something else.

We understood each other. We agreed on everything. The drafting of the Aburi-Accord was done by my Chief Secretary, another two Secretaries from Nigeria side. They drafted it, we looked at it and we agreed.

General Ankrah (Ghana President) read all the document, asked us at the end if we wanted to amend anything? We said No. At the end of all that, the position was so good.

Ankrah drove Jack (Gowon) and myself to the airport. Jack was sitting on his Left side and I was sitting on his right, he was at the middle. In the course of that journey, General Ankrah shook his head and said "Thank you, thank you, if only we can go on like this everything will be alright." Suddenly, I took up Gowon's hand and placed it on Ankrah's lap brought out my hand and put it on top.

I said General Sir, I want to say something. I asked him to put his hand on top of the two hands. And I said, General I want to assure you that I am totally satisfied with everything we said. I will even go further to say something I did not say at the conference and that is, THAT ONCE WE HAVE IMPLEMENTED EVERYTHING WE HAVE SAID, I WILL ASK YOU FOR ONE FAVOR AND THAT FAVOR IS, TO BE THE ONE TO PROPOSE JACK GOWON AS THE HEAD OF STATE OF NIGERIA" ~ Gen Dim Ojukwu.

Have you heard it before that Ojukwu and Gowon had no problem. They drank champagne together but upon their return to Nigeria, white Ambassadors in Lagos said No and that is Britain. Why?

They didn't want Biafra to have an independent economic system. They said, we don't want it so that the Eastern region don't grow their economy. They wanted to destroy the Economy of the East under Doc Mike Okpara who had the fastest growing Economy in the whole world. Dr Mike Okpara of the Eastern Government, the East were manufacturing everything. Britain could not stand it. Britain knew that Restructuring will allow people to grow.

The ingenuity of BIAFRA will come, the intelligence of an Igbo man will rise up. So, the best they could do is to bring darkness, Janjaweedism.

Has ICC called up our case? The answer is No, even with the killing of our people. They know that BIAFRA is the light of Africa and any day it stands, Africa will stand. So, what they have done is to go to the source and switch off the light. They took away the fuse and what is the fuse that Britain took away? It's called FREEDOM.

You don't Know what I have seen, you don't know how far we have gone or why we do things the way we do. You are confused and if you are, you should ask questions. You don't know the number of enemies you have. No, you don't have no clue. Now you understand who stopped the Restructuring in 1966 after Ojukwu and Gowon agreed to Restructure in Aburi.

Excerpts from The Radio Broadcast by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu 30:08:20

Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike

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