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Biafra: Nigeria Security Operatives Rape IPOB/Biafran Ladies After Abduction, Investigation Has Revealed


Nigeria Security Operatives Rape IPOB/Biafran Ladies After Abduction, Investigation Has Revealed 

■ Twitter:@umuchiukwu

■ 01 Feb 2022

Series of an investigation conducted by Umuchiukwu Writers has revealed that Nigeria Security operatives were involved in most rape cases of their abducted victim especially IPOB ladies, thus making the recent victim of illegal arrest of Biafran ladies by Nigeria Security raised to 40%, this has continued for more than a decade. 

Many of these victims who opened up to our source confirmed this, saying it wasn't occasional rather a daily routine, she further revealed that it got to a stage these security men especially the military (Army, Navy and Air force) got them pregnant and they'll order for abortion pills, like MISOPROSTOL and MIFEPRISTONE SYNTHETIC PROSTAGLANDIN by forcefully drugging the victim with some harmful sedative pills capable of destroying the womb. 

Our investigation revealed that many Biafran Ladies who were arrested in their houses during the END SARS Protest in the East especially at Rivers State and tagged as supporters of Biafra were all raped by the military men, while male victims were killed, disfigured and maltreated. One of the rape victims had her womb damaged and removed due to the constant rape by the military men while in detention. 

However, victims of these atrocities find it difficult to narrate their ordeal with the military to the public due to its negative effect on their livelihood. It is no longer news that the Nigeria Security operatives are involved in sexual harassment against their victim, security operative is one of the groups in Nigeria promoting gang rapping. 

In a situation as such, it's difficult for victims to openly disclose this because their lives are being threatened by these notorious criminals in the military and also it will hunt their entire lifetime. 

70% out of 100% of Biafran Ladies illegally arrested by security operatives especially by the Nigerian military men are being rapped almost every day the military has continued this evil unchecked simply because the Federal Government is backing them directly and indirectly, this is what our ladies are passing through in the hands of Nigeria Security operatives. Biafran Ladies are being targeted for arrest by the military to take advantage of them, while our men are being targeted to be executed, this is the plight of Biafran people in Nigeria. 

Investigation Conducted and Reported By Umuchiukwu Writers.

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