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Biafra: The Reason Nigeria Should Let Biafra Go

■ Author:  Aguocha Chinwendum 

■ Twitter:@umuchiukwu

■ 08 May 2022

                                    Biafra: The Reason Nigeria Should Let Biafra Go 

I am not particularly concerned about his lie of not going for a second term, I am concerned that a Nigerian politician's dream is to retire to America or Saudi Arabia. Does this mean anything to you? How many politicians have retired from foreign lands to Nigeria? It leads to one thing, Nigeria is not a place where sane human beings should desire to live, Nigeria lacks security and social amenities that make life flourish. 

That governor considers those living in Nigeria as animals and plants. The only thing that will stop situations like this from further occurring is the total disintegration of this zoo called Nigeria, let every component of this contraption go home for self-governance and accountability, with total sovereignty, build your civilisation the way you want and the way it will be beneficial to your people. 

This is what Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB have been preaching and standing for, for about a decade now IPOB has been calling for a referendum for Biafrans and others who desire to determine their fate in Nigeria and that is not a call for war. 

In Biafra, we will make our political offices a serviced office and not a money-making venture like in Nigeria, it will not be attractive to those whose desires are to steal and loot, it will be a place where those with the divine call of building a 21st-century society will have an enabling ground to showcase their gifts and talents. It will be more of what you can do and not more of your certificate, not that we don't regard or appreciate your certificate but you must match your certificate with your proficiency, ability, mastery, what the eyes can see not what your certificate says, we need a place of discovery, inventions, craft and skills. 

So our education system will be more practical learning than sitting in one place learning about a rock or Mountain in Afghanistan and Iraq without reaching them. Our educational research will be more diversified, traditional and culturally beneficial to our people. We shall build an enviable civilisation never seen anywhere in the world. We shall invest more in science and technology, and building industries and our people will be encouraged through bank low-interest loans to go into manufacturing and production because we are going to be more of a homemade than more of importations. 

Biafra shall bring new healthy competition to Africa, especially in the areas of governance and politics, and industrial revolution rooted in the newfound African science and technology. We shall build a civilisation where our graduates will be gainfully employed practising what they have learned at higher institutions, where our roads and other infrastructures, our towns, cities and communities are designed by our town planners and Architects, we make sure we keep our best scientists and researchers giving them grants to make discoveries in medicine, food and agriculture, we must encourage our best doctors by paying them well and building hospitals with a state of the art facilities. 

Our lecturers and teachers can never go on strike, they will be adored and highly appreciated. We will build a country where there will be no second class citizens, everyone will be a stakeholder. So when you see us fighting and insisting on Biafra these are the things you should expect to see. 

#FreeNnamdiKanu #FreeBiafra #BiafraReferendumNow

Published By Udeagha Obasi 

For Umuchiukwu Writers 

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