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Igbo Culture And Tradition Is More Spiritual Than You Think, We Must Bury The Dead Within Three Days


Igbo Culture And Tradition Is More Spiritual Than You Think, We Must Bury The Dead Within Three Days

■ Author Chinonso Igwebuike Mbah
■ 28 Aug 2022
■ Twitter:@umuchiukwu

The point raised by IPOB leadership over burying the dead after three days of death is not far from Igbo culture and traditions, it's a welcome development because even from the death of Abraham to Jesus Christ and his apostles in the bible, they were all buried within 48 hours of death, even the Bible asked us to bury the dead within 24 hours of death, that has been proven beyond reasonable doubt that IPOB is upright and remains the only group that will defend Igbo cultures and traditions because Igbo traditional leaders are more concerned about politicians and the money they get from them than defend and protect our culture and values.

For decades Igbo culture and traditions have remained more spiritual than physical, burying the dead has a lot of significant impacts that have to do with Omenala, when Omenala is flouted in burying the dead, there's always a spiritual consequence and sometimes curses on the people, which is why we are experiencing a lot of untimely death in Igbo land.

The logic is simple, as Igbo cultures and traditions only permit us to bury the dead latest three days of departure, it was never mandatory for Ndigbo to deposit a dead body in a mortuary before burial, as a way of last respect you owe it a duty to the dead to immediately bury them for quick transition to the spiritual realm and not the other way round.

It is high time Ndigbo in general stop the depositing of dead bodies in the mortuary to avoid the impending doom it may cause Alaigbo, our people have become so disrespectful by subjecting dead bodies to several disrespects, it is disheartening how our people freeze dead bodies like ice fish for months and years without fear or regard to the spirit of their dead ones, it's a letdown to Omenala and Odinala Igbo.

The culture and traditions of Igboland have never made burial a burden or carnivals, it is this generation that loves the borrowing and copying of other cultures and values that has allowed things that are strange and abominable in the name of civilisation and foreign religion to thrive in our land.

Ndigbo must go back to their tradition of burying the dead within three days of departure and plan the mourning ceremony later, we must learn how to respect the dead.

We must go back to the old Omenala ways of burying our dead in three days, the reasons being that any debt you incur in any lavished carnival called burial can not bring back the dead while you are left all alone to sort out the debts not even your church or Umunna can help.

Edited By Aguocha Chinwendum
Published By Nwaiwu Chiukwuebuka
For Umuchukwu Writers .

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