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Biafra Atonement : IPOB National Body , Goes Spiritual Summon Chiukwuokikeabiama , gods of our land to Fight Enemies of Biafra


 Biafra Atonement : IPOB National Body , Goes Spiritual Summon Chiukwuokikeabiama , gods of our land to Fight Enemies of Biafra 


■ Date : 7th October 2022

■ Twitter:@umuchiukwu

As Biafrans observed the atonement which was held in Abia State from 4th - 5th October 2022, it has been marked as the best amongst others. 

The atonement was hosted by Abia State IPOB which the National Coordinator and all the Biafra land state coordinators, Biafra Elders , Clergymen , men and women were present during the feast. 

After the atonement feast was observed, the national coordinator and his entire cabinet made up of all the State coordinators etc, proceeded to another spiritual aspect of the feast on the 5th night which involved the sacrificing of Igbo Cow ( Efi Igbo ) to Chiukwuokikeabiama and the gods of the land. The huge sacrifice is meant to appease Chiukwuokikeabiama and to appeal them to fight all the enemies of Biafra, all the Biafra saboteurs , infiltrators and the Politicians that are sabotaging IPOB/Biafrans quest to restore Biafra .

All the Biafra land coordinators , Biafran Elders and most of the various states executives were all in unison and present during the spiritual processes . 

They used their local dialects to ask Chiukwuokikeabiama to strengthen IPOB family members to continue the movement till Biafra is restored , they continued by summoning all the Gods of our land to swallow Biafra Enemies , especially those involve in killing Biafrans. They mandated the Gods of Biafra land to fight spiritually for Biafra and terminate any thing human or man that is stopping Biafra from coming . 

They warned those that are sabotaging the struggle especially Politicians from Biafra extraction to desist from their evil ways or bear the consequences of sabotage .

They equally asked Chiukwuokikeabiama to speed up the release of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and all the Biafrans who are detained across Nigerian prisons. It was noted that the sacrifice was duly accepted as Biafra struggle is set to take a different dimension henceforth.

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Published by Nwaiwu Chiukwuebuka

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