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Flood Disaster In Nigeria: CNN's Report Incorrect


Flood Disaster In Nigeria: CNN's Report Incorrect

■ Author : Onyinye Ogbuiyi

■ Twitter:@umuchiukwu

■ 29th October 2022 



Going by the extent of damage, displacement and death caused by the current flood disaster in Nigeria one would expect a big media house like CNN to run a proper investigation on the cause of the flooding that has affected about 10 states in Nigeria before going public and not relying only on what government agents told them.  

The claim of a CNN reporter that the flooding is caused by rainfall is false, misleading and very armature of a world-acclaimed best television station, the fact that the flooding started in the north where you see less rainfall in Nigeria should have called the attention of CNN to probe further and not rely on the face-saving information gotten from the Nigerian government officials.

CNN and other top media houses should stop their romance with government bodies across the world and report truth and accuracy, taking inducement from the Nigeria government to underreport the cause of the flooding in Nigeria is a crime against the victims of the flooding who should hold the government of APC led by Major General Mohammedu JuBuhari responsible for their negligence and incompetence.

From all investigation and verifiable evidence the flooding in Nigeria is caused by a dam that was opened in the neighbouring Cameron, the Nigerian government should have been ready for a day like this and built more dams to accommodate straying waters, the country experienced this flooding exactly ten years ago and one would think that by now there would have been a solution would be waiting in case if there be a repeat, but as incompetent as the APC government is they don't have a clue of what to do, there are no plans to help the flood victims from the federal government and nothing is going on from them except state governments and individual donations.

The Fulani-led federal government of Nigeria has failed in all ramifications, the Fulani and their northern brothers have been in charge of Nigeria for forty-seven years out of the sixty-two years of independent Nigeria, Nigeria is a failed state and should be laid to rest in the dustbin of history, Biafrans do not want to continue in a country where citizens are not cared for, we want to live in a country where our government will be up and running carrying their responsibility to serve the public and deliver good governance and representation to their people, this is what Biafra represents, we want to build a civilisation of our own and teach the world the real democracy because we are born republicans.

A country that can not manage common disasters like flooding should not be allowed to exist. In Biafra, the central government can not abandon their citizens in a time like this as the Nigerian government has done, Biafra shall build alternatives and relief camps in case of disasters like this, Biafra will be a country where every Black person anywhere in the world and the world will be proud of.

After the surrender of Biafra in 1970, British-Fulani-controlled Nigeria with the tacit approval of the United States had plotted to forever keep the Biafran people, the rest of the indigenous people trapped in Nigeria and Africa in check. 

It is on record that the monies that should have been used to build dams to avoid this disaster were stolen by the successive governments of Nigeria.

Nigerian government whenever they are asked why there are not enough dams built, they simply give excuses about the fund for the project being stolen by corrupt government official yet nobody have been jailed for that while many of them still live prosperous gentlemen.

For us Biafrans, the light of the world, I believe that everything that has happened to us in our very long history of existence on earth has been the designs of the Most High ChiukwuOkike Abiama puru ime ihe n'ile, I believe that these events as they take place are to the manifestations of the powers of our God which is much more than anything and everything the beautiful human brain can conceive, God is also into the saving and gathering of his children, the citizens of Biafra, for the restoration of the kingdom of heaven on earth, which is Biafra. 

Now that Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB are here, what are the enemies of Biafra going to do since it is clear now to everyone that there is nothing anybody can do to stop the coming of Biafra? Yes! you heard me right, Nothing!





Edited By Aguocha Chinwendum

Published by Nwaiwu Chiukwuebuka 

For Umuchiukwu Writers 

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