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Nigerian Selection/Election: The Solution To Attacks On Ndi Igbo

Nigerian Selection/Election: The Solution To Attacks On Ndi Igbo

■ Author : Desmond Alozie 
■ Twitter:@umuchiukwu
■ 28th February 2023

There is a current attack against ndi Igbo by some particular tribe of Nigeria whereby Igbo dominated markets in the North and West are being destroyed including their lives and properties. 

The Igbo dominated Market in Maiduguri was burnt on election day while the popular Ladipo Market in Lagos which is also dominated by ndi Igbo was burnt a day after the election 25th/26th Feb. 2023.

All these are strategies to intimidate the ndi Igbo into fears and for them not to talk about the current obvious election rigging on-going all over Nigeria which is also against ndi Igbo. 

From the looks and observations in the election result collation so far, anyone that understands the tricks and dubiousity of Nigeria will understand where they are heading.

During the 2015 election result collation by INEC, they started by counting the Eastern results where the then sitting President Goodluck Jonathan was winning thereby sending a message of victory to Jonathan supporters and then they switched to counting the results from the Northern where Buhari was winning with overwhelming high numbers, after which Buhari was declared the winner.

Fast forward to the current date of election, same scenario went on to play out, from some results collated from the East and some part of the west so far, Peter Obi was winning and we all could see some Peter Obi's supporters with smiling faces without waiting to hear the results from most of the Northern States, which will change the whole board.

I wish people will hold on to history and learn from it. The one and only solution to the numerous problems in Nigeria raging from Fulani terrorisms against other ethnicities sponsored by the government, Insecurities all-over the country, Money Policy that denies People of the South and East access to their own money in the Banks to the extend that you have to buy your own hard earned money with money and many more is a #Referendum that will be supervised by Local and International Rights bodies.

My advice to the ndi Igbo all over Nigeria who are always victim of any circumstances in Nigeria is to apply the solution of 1966 POGROM against them in Nigeria, which is returning back to their #SANCTUARY. Which is Biafraland and be free once and forever.

Edited By Onyechere Ugochinyere 
Published By Nwaiwu Chiukwuebuka 
For Umuchukwu Writers .

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