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Biafra: One Nigeria Is A British Weapon To Keep You Enslaved Forever


Biafra: One Nigeria Is A British Weapon To Keep You Enslaved Forever 

■ Author : Mazi Humphrey Chidiadi Nze

■ Twitter:@umuchiukwu

■ 6th March 2023



After uncovering the agendas of Fulani and their British master, you will understand that Nigeria is completely irredeemable. The only option left is to divide the z0o called Nigeria and let the various nations trapped inside it as one Nigeria go their separate ways. 


An organized referendum to decide the fate of Biafra is the only way forward. Only highly ignorant people thinks that one man can fix the contraption called Nigeria . What your brain fails to understand is that Nigeria corruption is a well-coordinated and well-articulated program , aimed at enriching Britain, Fulani and the neo-colonialist. 


Nigeria don’t have light , no road , no running water, no hospital, no seaports, no refinery, the list is endless. Hitherto billions of crude oil is being exported from Nigeria to Britain and many other countries on daily bases without proper accountability. Yet you are ignorantly enduring and enjoying your condition. Hoping that one day things will get better . Black people who did this to you ? If you think that Peter Obi can stop insecurity in Nigeria then ask yourself why didn’t Goodluck Jonathan stop them? Why didn’t the late Buhari who is also affiliated with Bokoharam stop them? 


Britain and Fulani caliphate don’t want you to have light because , steady power supply guarantees security and development. They don’t want you to fortify your security network, so you don’t catch them red-handed in their criminality .They don’t want any form of development in Nigeria , so that you remain poor and available to be used whenever they flash cash on you.  


Catriona Laing , the British ambassador to Nigeria, always calls your Nigerian ignorant senators, ministers and your governor to advise them on how to run their national affairs. Why can't she educate them on how they achieved steady power supply in her own country? Why don’t she tell you black ignor*ant people how to build your own refinery, why don’t she tell you how to set up a well equipped hospital, so that your politician can take treatment in Nigeria? 


 Have you ever seen any British Prime Minister, U.S.A president , Indian Prime Minister, France President, Russian President or any other European or American Presidents or politicians travel outside their country to take medical treatment? Why do these people that call themselves Nigerians glorify evil and always seek for a relief from their pain instead of seeking for a permanent solution.  

No country on earth can be developed without light and no country on earth can guarantee security of lives and properties in its territory without light. The same people that kept you poor , using their Fulani stooges, Igbo governors and politicians are the same people calling you the giant of Africa, just to distract you and the entire world from their game plan . You have to rise now and reclaim your land. 


Officially, Nigeria expired in 2014, which marked the end of 100years after Fredrick Lord Lugard amalgamated the 3 regions that made up the country.The white man that put you people into this bondage called Nigeria, clearly stated it in his amalgamation document , that after 100years , the various regions that made up Nigeria can come together and renegotiate their coexistence. Either to go their separate ways or renegotiate new terms to remain one. That was why on 17th march 2014 , President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan called for a national CONFAB for all the various regions in Nigeria to come together , negotiate and decide the way forward . However, the Fulani cabals turned his effort upside down and made a caricature of Jonathan. That was why the then President of America , Obama joined hands with his Islamic Fulani brother to make sure they pushed Jonathan out of office , so that he would not spoil their deal . 


Mali of yesterday has risen from slumber and pushed away France from interfering in their country’s affairs and receiving any allocation from the proceeds of the resources in their country. Ghana had done that many years back, taken control of their country, and changed the name given to them by Britain (Gold coast ) to Ghana . India has taken control of their country from their British colonial masters immediately after their independence . Changed the name Britain gave to them (British Raj) to India. The list is endless . Now I ask you pro-Nigerians, when are you going to take control of your own land and the resources therein ? One Nigeria is a tool to keep you enslaved forever. If you miss it now , you'll remain a loyal slave forever. 


Biafra restoration is a task that must be accomplished!!! 

We will not stop till Biafra is restored 








Edited By Onyechere Ugochinyere 

Published By Nwaiwu Chiukwuebuka 

For Umuchukwu Writers .

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