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Nigeria Elections: Ignorance Of The Youths Is The Success Of Political Tyrants and Oppressors


Nigeria Elections: Ignorance Of The Youths Is The Success Of Political Tyrants and Oppressors

■ Author : Desmond Alozie 

■ Twitter:@umuchiukwu

■ 5th March 2023

It is now very clear that the just concluded February 2023 Nigerian election was rigged as usual but I wish to make some points as regards why a positive change is difficult, because the Nigerian youths are very ignorant of the past and that has made them not to be able to understand the present brouhaha that is unfolding. 

Before the elections, during their campaigns, I interviewed many Nigeria youths asking them that if Peter Obi wins and INEC rigged the election to the favour of another candidate, what will be their next action, reaction or option?  In their response, some promised that there's going to be protests while some said that there will be revolution, some even said that there will be war and some said Nigeria will divide. I wished them well and was waiting knowing what will happen.

Today, the election has been concluded and results as usual rigged to the favour of other candidates other than the winner Peter Obi but instead of these Nigeria youths to act on their words, they resorted to complains upon complains, some blaming INEC, some blaming Wike the Governor of Rivers State and other politicians,  some blaming Nigeria itself even some planning to leave the country, what a funny People.

I was expecting them to start their protest, revolution or steps to divide Nigeria but nothing of such, even some States that managed to stage a protest, it did not last for one (1) hour they all dispersed and never returned to continue e.g Abuja and Delta.

Now how can such Youths be able to effect a positive change in their society and living in general, impossible. No wonder #IPOB/Biafrans are very different in their approach and determination to Restore the Sovereign State of Biafra because they understand the ignorance and gullibility of the Nigeria youths.

A candid advice to these Nigeria youths is that the deed has been done and instead of wailing and blaming as usual,  they should join #IPOB/BIAFRANS lead by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu to demand for a #UN supervised #Referendum which will bring about the lasting solution to all the pains and sufferings the Nigerian State has brought them from creation and to end the current threats of Fulani terrorists, ethnic cleansing and their ancestral lands take over by Fulani Nigeria government supported by British.

#IPOB/BIAFRANS approach and system is the only way and modus that can end all these threats from Fulanis. Remember #IPOB are very peaceful, consistent and determined. Despite the numerous massacre, killing, unlawful arrests, inhumane torture and genocide against them by the Nigeria Army, Police, Navy, Fulani terrorists and other government sanctioned security such as Ebubeagu and even the kidnap, torture and extraordinary rendition of its Leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu from Kenya to Nigeria by the Kenyan government of Uhuru Kenyatta and Nigeria government, they remain RESOLUTE and very determined. That is the spirit that can divide Nigeria and get the positive change we all desire. So, they should join #IPOB/BIAFRANS Lead by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and let us have it once and forever. 

Remember with or without you #Biafra is CERTAIN and IMMINENT because CHIUKWU OKIKE is with #IPOB.

Edited By Onyechere Ugochinyere 

Published By Nwaiwu Chiukwuebuka 

For Umuchukwu Writers .

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