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Nigerians' Irredeemable Condition Birth Biafra Restoration


Nigerians' Irredeemable Condition Birth Biafra Restoration 

■ Author : Mazi Humphrey Chidiadi Nze

■ Twitter:@umuchiukwu

■ 4th April 2023

Nigeria's state of existence is synonymous with The fraudulence of ogiri sellers

It is no news that the packaging of ogiri is fraudulent. They use piles of leaves to package it. By the time you are done unwrapping the leaves, the ogiri appears to be just a tiny bit of the package

Nigeria's institutions, such as its judiciary, police force, and civil service, have been completely degenerated by decades of military rule, which created a culture of impunity and undermined the rule of law. Nigeria practices a fake federal system of government, which ensures that the Fulani caliphate and their British masters own and control all the resources in the country and allocate a few resources to any state that is loyal to their autocratic government.

Nigeria has been consistently ranked as one of the most corrupt countries in the world. 

Corruption is deeply entrenched in the political and economic systems of Nigeria and this has led to so much bloodshed, looting, lack of accountability, and transparency. 

Biafrans have completely rejected Nigeria and its evil system of government. Biafrans seeking their self-determination is the wisest thing any group of people could do in a case like this. That is why we commend the Biafran people for their move to restore the sovereign state of Biafra which is a step in the right direction. 

Biafran restoration is inevitable, as Nigeria has been eaten up by corruption, Sponsored Terrorism, and wicked leadership.

Poverty: Nigeria is one of the richest countries in the world, a giant of Africa, but with a significant portion of its population living below the poverty line. This has made corruption an attractive way for some people to acquire wealth and resources. this has also helped to escalate crime levels and killing in Nigeria, as many youths are seeking means of survival. Nigeria's government uses poverty and starvation as a tool to control its citizens and get them to do whatever thing they want them to do at any given point in time. 

The only way to stay alive in a country like this is to seek self-determination as Biafrans are doing right now.

 the individual in positions of power in Nigeria is motivated by personal gain, and selfishness and uses authority to extort their citizens and engage in other corrupt activities, money meant for the development of the country’s economy is looted and stacked abroad while the citizens suffer and die of hunger. This is one is the basic reasons why The Biafran people have decided to seek their independence from Nigeria, to form their government and be able to govern themselves and make good use of their resources better their life and their nation Biafra 

Nigeria has a history of weak and non-existent accountability mechanisms for public officials, which has allowed corruption to flourish. since all the government officeholders in Nigeria are in for the same agenda (looting and greed) no one can expose each other or give a proper account. they all have skeletons in their cupboard and are afraid to probe each other. If Biafra is restored, it will maintain proper accountability, to ensure that every penny counts, as this is one of the reasons why Nigeria is irredeemable.

It is a clear fact that a lack of trust in government institutions, like INEC, EFCC, NNPC, etc. operates at a high level of nepotism, favoritism, and a high focus on personal acquisition of wealth. These have kept Nigeria where it is today. It's important to note that corruption is the bedrock of the Nigerian, it is upon which Nigeria is configured to operate.

Insecurity and Terrorism: for years Nigeria has been facing a range of security challenges, including insurgency, terrorism, banditry, kidnapping, and communal violence. These challenges have led to the loss of thousands of lives and the displacement of many people, especially in Biafra Land (southeast and the south-south region )the northeast and northwest regions. This has stopped decided investors from investing in Nigeria, as no one would like to invest his money in an unstable Economy that is ravaged by crisis, insecurity, and Terrorism. 

Lack of infrastructure: Nigeria's infrastructure is badly developed, with inadequate road networks, unreliable power supply, and inadequate healthcare, and educational facilities. It is a well-known fact that no country in the world can develop without a steady power supply. Nigeria's Government and its corrupt leaders deliberately do not want to achieve a steady power supply in the country as it will help them to conceal their crimes A steady power supply enhances security in a country and since insecurity in Nigeria is a trending business, they will not allow sufficient power supply. 

Ethno-religious tensions: Nigeria is a diverse country, with over 250 ethnic groups and a mixed religion. However, these diversities have also led to tensions, conflicts, and regular violence. thousand of Biafran Christians and Jews have been slaughtered in northern Nigeria. Biafrans christs and Jews can not live peacefully in northern Nigeria with the Muslim population without being slaughtered on yearly bases. 

This is one of the major reasons Biafrans have decided to go their separate ways. It is quite suicidal to coexist with someone who does not love you. The only option available for Biafrans, to ensure their survival is to separate themselves from Nigeria. Self-determination is one of the most important human rights to which every group of people is entitled according to the United Nation charter. Seeking self-determination in Nigeria is a crime because you are going to be killed. Coexisting with them is also a crime and you will be slaughtered. This will leave one wondering, what do these people who called themselves Nigerians and their government want?



Edited By Ezekwereogu Odinaka 

Published By Nwaiwu Chiukwuebuka 

For Umuchukwu Writers .

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