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The Journey Of Finding The Dictionary Meaning Of The Word "AND" In The Nigerian Constitution By The Judiciary

The Journey Of Finding The Dictionary Meaning Of The Word "AND" In The Nigerian Constitution By The Judiciary

■ Author : Don Black D
■ Twitter: @umuchiukwu
■ 27th May 2023 

Since the creation of the white European company located in West Africa named Nigeria drama upon drama has been the order of the day. Nigeria as a British Royal Niger Company (RNC) was dramatically created without due consultations or consent of the Indigenous people. 
I don't think any reasonable human being will accept this British enterprise and put it to heart except the person is a fool. 
The formations and functions of this business most people see today as a country was planned in such a way that it will continue to be an insult to humanity most especially to the black race.

Since 1960 when Nigeria got Independent from British colonial rulers or masters too many dramas have happened and are still happening.

From the first republic to the fourth republic there was so much drama that played out ranging from the first military coup, military counter-coup, bad governance, suspensions of the constitution then and straight down to the civil war. 
Again the same people are today back in different styles and are sworn in into government offices to continue with their ruins. Currently what we have is a little mix of the old wine with the new one making it looks somehow different but then the status quo remains the same. 

The British enterprise called Nigeria is said to be practising democracy as a copycat society perhaps because other countries accepted it due to its definitions and positive impact on the world's governments in general.
But can you imagine democracy, a supposed system of government in which the power belongs to the people, by the people and for the people running on a military-ruled and detected constitution? Nigeria created by one British criminal agent Fredrick Lugard on assignment has managed to run its affairs by copying other countries like America for example but has failed in all honesty to uphold its oaths of office and to preserve or maintain democracy to accord dignity and respect to humanity yet her subjects being the citizens though not too cool with her ways are hoping while watching them see how they'll preserve the laws and constitution set to guide and guard this business they're never part of called Nigeria. 

The three arms of government ( The Executive. The Legislature. And The Judiciary) that were established to help deliver justice by the law to protect the citizens are now making a caricature of the system though I'm not surprised because it is business as usual in Nigeria.

During and after every election conducted in Nigeria political parties and aggrieved individuals must go to Court because of one reason or the order but mostly due to electoral and election fraud or violation of the processes and electorates' Right to vote. 

The arrowhead, that's the president and her enforcement agencies are obliged to provide safety and security of lives and properties to the citizens ensuring that all the processes go well and that the winners that emerged after the elections are in real-time those that won the majority of the vote cast as stipulated by the Constitution but many times in Nigeria the provisions of the Constitution are utterly ignored and disregard.

But then we have seen in real-time where the Executive, Legislature and Judiciary that was said to be the last hope of the common man have things messed up. Let me use the Imo state governor "Hope Uzodimma" case as an example. This very man won the fourth position during the 2019 gubernatorial election in that State but due to this very mess in the system business as usual, he was announced and declared the winner of that very election with a falsified and inaccurate number of registered and accredited voters even when it was clear before God and man that he never came third talk more of first position but with disrespect, disregard and disgrace as it may sound the Supreme Court Shamelessly declared him the winner of that very election on the 14th of January 2020 because his Party is at the top and can force anything forcible and bribe their way in despite what the law or constitution of the land stated. 
Those are the high and mighty so they're larger than life itself! Which reasonable human being would take Nigeria seriously if not a card-carrying member or somebody perhaps by associations with this British business enterprise spare headed by those willing tools available and ready to be used as agents against what is right and that which was written in their military 1999 constitution. 

It's as if all these dramas in the past years were not enough that today we're now faced with the highest of them all in the year 2023 when professors and lawyers have suddenly forgotten that the word "AND" is conjunctional in every standard according to English language and going by what they taught us in our schools.

After the election that took place on the 25th of February and 18th of March 2023. 
One fraudulent man honoured with the academic professor called Yakubu Mahmood scammed Nigerian citizens by assuring them that their vote will count by using a newly acquired technology called the bimodal voter's accreditation system (BVAS) which was funded by the government using the people's generated revenues. 
He failed the people and conducted the worst election ever seen before in the history of Nigeria though like I'll say, is business as usual. 
The people's mandate was stolen and now that they've summoned courage at least for the first time to ask why but then the Chief Fraudster without remorse told them to go to Court another establishment by the same people though the citizens were again deceived and made to believe that the Court will protect their interest by delivering Justice when in real-time is protecting the interest of those that established it in the first place as loyal servants that needed something to feed on like a glutton that has no shame whatsoever displaying in the public. 

Now people are in court to test the judiciary once more to see if something about them has changed but I tell you that a slave will always obey the Master. So people shouldn't expect anything good to come out from the court cases cause it is unusual for them to deliver justice in favour of the ordinary man except something Divine will strike them as it happened in the process that declared Alex Otti the winner and in real-time governor-elect of Abia State under the Labour Party. 

"AND" is the word that the Nigerian Court and judiciary that was made up of supposedly learned men and women of higher educational backgrounds are looking for its meaning and interpretations in legal terms. They're about to give it different meanings and interpretations as usual when it is clear for a layman to understand what the word "AND" means in the Nigerian Constitution. 

What the Constitution says
There are two (2) key conditions for determining a winner of a presidential election:

1. A presidential candidate must secure the highest number of votes cast at the election. 

2. He/she must secure not less than 25% of votes cast in at least two-thirds of all the States of the federation "AND" FCT. 

Electoral Act 2022
The Electoral Act (2022) states that the winner of the presidential election will be subjected to the provisions of section 134 of the Nigerian Constitution.

“In an election to the office of the President or Governor whether or not contested and in any contested election to any other elective office, the result shall be ascertained by counting the votes cast for each candidate and subjected to the provisions of sections 133, 134 and 179 of the Constitution,” the Electoral Act partly read.

According to the 1999 Constitution, presidential candidates must not only win a single majority but whoever will be recognised as an elected president must have won a stipulated minimum in every region of the country.

The candidate that receives the highest number of votes shall be declared elected only if they also fulfil a quota of 25 per cent of the total votes cast in about 24 states including the Federal Capital Territory.

To determine the real president-elect will take them like forever to do so cause all were birds of the same feathers. Another massacre is further coming so beware and behold that if eventually the business as usual stands, it is no longer democracy cause the incoming government, if you can trust my word will be against the will of the majority.

Edited By Aguocha Chinwendum
Published By Nwaiwu Chiukwuebuka 
For Umuchiukwu Writers .

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