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The Braves , The Victims , And Those That Will Never Be Forgotten

The Braves , The Victims , And Those That Will Never Be Forgotten 

■ Author : Don Black D
■ Twitter: @umuchiukwu
■ 26th May 2023 


Dear good people of the world, I know it will come to you as a surprise that today I've taken out time to write to you about my nation which is no other than Igbo/Biafra. Igbos or should I say Biafran people to be honest are indeed brave people and have never entertained any fear when dealing or tackling any unfavorable situations that pose a threat to their lives and existence. My people for ages had known, Peace, unity, and forbid anything Sense to be evil and continue doing so up to date. Let me take us down to history a little bit during the time of the slave trade though still present but in different dimensions. You can do me a favor by searching for this written document below on Google


It was documented to show you how brave and resistible my people can be anytime they sense or were faced with terrible situations that intended to force them against their will or belief though it was very unfortunate that some of them died in the process one thing is key and Worthy of note that we rather die than having anybody born of a woman the same way we were born to take us for a fool or trying to mess up with our belief, intelligence, morals, and rights to exist as a people or nation forcefully. 


This document was also written for history's sake to show the world our courage, bravery, and resistance over anything forcefully imposed on my people. Anything that's Allen to us, we have the right to question it effect whether it is impactful to our people or destructive. The Igbos or Biafran's abilities to sense danger ahead and start crying out loud for peaceful resolution shouldn't be taken for granted otherwise we believe in our God, our strengths, and trust in our capacities to make changes if need be. 


Not too many people know exactly what led to the gruesome civil war that erupted in Nigeria as far back as 1967 but to keep your reading time short kindly do your research about the war. Again the Igbos or Biafran people displayed their resistance and bravery over what they sensed to be evil, a threat to lives and people's existence though as a result, it caused people's lives and properties. Regardless the Igbos or Biafrans have this embedded in their DNA that no human should be subject to abuse or be deprived of human rights. It's a crime against nature and humanity and such shouldn't in any way be tolerated amongst all people of goodwill.


The Igbo people or Biafrans have become a sacrificial lambs in the hands of others whenever they rise to challenge the unbearable situations of things happening within or around their habitations. It seems like a battle between light and darkness and everybody is aware that darkness will never overcome light. The Igbos that always want Peace, Justice, Equity, Progress, and Development were trapped down by their oppressing powers, and as such making they bebecomeictims for standing up for what's right before God and man. If you search for the CHRONOLOGY OF IGBO MASSACRE then you'll understand better what my article is all about.

IGBOS can make Africa a beautiful place but the evil powers both Black and White joined together are doing their best to suppress the light which will eventually stand shining before the end of time as God "Chukwu Okike Abiama" had destined it to be. Just take back your memories to what happened during the 2023 Nigerian presidential and gubernatorial election for example. In a bid to stop the Labor Party presidential candidate Mr. Peter Obi an Igbo man and others from winning the presidential election, the IGBOS and other well meaningful and law-abiding citizens of the country were bullied and disenfranchised from exercising their lawful rights to vote in their choice candidates. This act is becoming a norm in Nigeria but again Igbos and Biafrans were victims This is not right and the reason why every reasonable human should support the call for a referendum to determine the willingness of the Igbo or Biafran people to decide for themselves whether to stay or leave Nigeria for peace to reign as this too is their human rights.


Yes, we won't forget those that have laid down their precious lives willingly or forcefully that we may be here so far. Every race, people, or nation has something to remember and some remain unforgettable so long they exist as a race, people, or nation. In my opinion, every single person that has done well for humanity in one way or the other should be remembered either as a person, group, or nation. The IGBOS are well known for this and nothing shall stop us from remembering our dead. We'll remember all of them cause they're precious to us and won't be forgotten.


This day is a day specially set aside to remember all our people who had lost their lives in the process of standing for Truth and the continued existence of the Biafran people. Many died defending their beliefs, culture, morals, and rights to live as a people to enable them to compete with others in the global world for Excellency, Peace, progress, and development. No power on Earth will stop this day cause we have the right to do so as both international and local laws give it a node too. I join faith with my other Igbo/Biafrans to pray that the souls of our dead may rest in peace as we remember them comes May, 30th 2023 worldwide. Thanks for all you've done for us and in honesty we're grateful. We will never forget you all.

Edited By Ezekwereogu John
Published By Nwaiwu Chiukwuebuka 
For Umuchiukwu Writers .

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