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Misconception Of Some People Who Joined IPOB

Misconception Of Some People Who Joined IPOB

■ Author : Don Black D
■ Twitter: @umuchiukwu
■ 24th May 2023 

In the year 2012. I was surfing the internet from one research to another when I heard a voice that said Google about Biafra. I followed the voice and google about Biafra. On opening the Page the first thing I saw was radio Biafra (in defense of freedom) and that caught my attention.

I clicked on the page behold I heard the voice of one man with so much courage and fearlessness, very focused and determined to ensure that the quest to restore Biafra becomes a reality with the people of liked mindedness. The sound and vibration coming out of his voice made me love the man and his messages. The more I listen to him the more my spirit goes high.

Immediately I remembered a Biafran soldier and that soldier was my very own father who told us about the history of the Biafran struggle. My heart beats as I listened further and for like 30 minutes uninterrupted then I realized that everything said on the radio Biafra by that thunderous voice I heard was nothing but the truth with factual backings.

I started meditating on every single word he said and I realized that a lot needs to be done since Biafra restoration is the major target of course, it's something worthy of note and truly is in defense of freedom for the good of the common man and humanity at large.

I joined the IPOB family that year 2012 and have understood the vision, purpose, and formula. As I continue with my family to get proper discipline and orientation. Here IPOB isn't Democratic because it is like a military Force moving in mass under one supreme head/command to ensure that members following will at all times obey the standing order. I became part of the IPOB family with the sole purpose of putting positive effort in any way possible to support the restoration of Biafra which was already ordained in heaven and awaits her manifestations here on Earth.

But some people have also joined the IPOB family for these wrong reasons.

1) TO GAIN POPULARITY: These people are tactical and were intentional during the time many of them became members. They knew that anything BIAFRA trust me will boom so they've come to make themselves popular because in IPOB we give indigenous people the opportunity to be part of us but will always try to ascertain their integrities and capabilities. The majority on this part had failed woefully as a result of pride, arrogarrogancekbite, and sarcasm against the family after they've gained popularity using IPOB as a platform but the result is trust IPOB is always bitter.

2) POWER: These people are power-mongering people but came in disguise. They've managed to scale through with their popularity gained using the IPOB family platform but when we're thinking that they're doing well plus given them every necessary attention to keep them up they resorted to dragging power with those that the IPOB office of directorates of states (DOS) had given a staff of office by ranking. This mindset will never go well and IPOB worldwide as a military Force under a strong supreme Commander will not tolerate it the result is a disgrace and a ban from all IPOB platforms because they posed a threat to this one United family under one strong voice.

3) BUSINESS: This one is completely a no-go area for IPOB as a family but then the hearts of men are full of treachery and deceit. One minute they're with you the second minute they're against you. These people joined us like every other IPOB family member and gained popularity using the platform. We believed in them and trusted them with power but little did we know that they were tactical and intentional. Now they're at the top and Biafrans are following and listening to them without knowing that they've come to do business hiding under the name of IPOB. These people without receiving any instructions from the directorates of states (DOS) will ask family members to buy T-shirts, caps, and Stickers, and contend tribute money for things that don't with the order from the supreme head or head of the IPOB directorates. Some when there's a sspressingeed for funding officially from IPOB will collect the money from family members and divert it for their use. I know of many but mentioning names would cause more harm than good. In their heads, they, think they're smarter but forge-forget IPOB is a spirit. They'll follow you everywhere you go and make sure you lose your popularity, power,d crash that illegitimate business that you're doing while hiding under her name, logo, or, any platform.

4) LEADERSHIP: These sometimes amuses me. How on earth should these people think or believe that leadership is to be obtained by fire by thunder? Maybe in their heads IP, OB is Nigeria where the last comes first and the process to that effect doesn't matter, and if you're not cool with it then to Court. I laugh in Jamaica! They joined IPOB with the hope or should I say expectations that they'll be leaders. 

How can one be a leader without knowing the basics and following the principles, possessing the characteristics and qualities to be a true leader? N? wonder they mess things up when given a little opportunity without having any remorse for their actions. 

IPOB as I stated above has principles and well-grounded poses on which they're doing what you see them doing. They're open doesn't mean that they're not organized. 

So if your intention or reason for joining or being part of this largest family movement worldwide is not solely to restore Biafra to a place of a freedom, unity, justice, equality, progress, hope, development,and good life, please stay off otherwise your end will be so bad that nobody would like to associate with you ever again. 

IPOB only under Mazi Nnamdi kanKanu our gateway to the restoration of the sovereign State of Biafra. (ENWEGHI KA ESI EME YA)

Edited By Ezekwereogu John
Published By Nwaiwu Chiukwuebuka 
For Umuchiukwu Writers .

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