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Revealing The Truth About The Immortality Of The Biafran Struggle

                          Revealing The Truth About The Immortality Of The Biafran Struggle

■ Author: Don Black D 

■ Twitter: @umuchiukwu

■ 23.06.2023 

The way and manner things have been handled in the past created the room for the birth of the then Biafra Republic which the Indigenous people of the Eastern region of Nigeria are currently seeking for Restoration. Before the balkanization of the African continent, the various ethnic nationalities in the continental were living peacefully with one another because the majority of them were coexisting homogenously. They have their value systems and they organically do things according to their cultures and traditions. 

The said balkanization of Africa by the white Europeans especially the francophone and the anglophone Nations dealt with Africa heavily that up till this point we are yet to recover from their abominable atrocities across the Dark continent.  That was where things fall apart that the centre can no longer hold in my opinion. 

The after-effect of their activities has cost Africa a lot including losing our lives and properties. Human resources and the programming of our brains into accepting what's alien to its mechanism. Since then Africans are struggling to find a balance and to go back to their original state before the advent of colonialism. Congratulations to some African countries that have managed to muscle themselves out of this catastrophe and have begun in earnest to redirect their parts to their original form. 

Ndigbo who were perceived by some white Europeans as the Jews of Africa has faced too many inhuman treatments From both far and near and has tried a couple of times to prove to the world that we've come for a purpose and no man born of a woman can hinder that mandate.

The blood of the Indigenous people that was spilt on the land of their ancestors is today hunting down these White Europeans, especially the British. God has visited them with the disease, death, and natural disasters and will soon run economically bankrupt. Slave and human trafficking brought about death and mayhem to the Indigenous people. 

The advent of religion brought about death upon Ndigbo. The forceful and most notorious Amalgamation brought death to the Indigenous people. 

The fight to gain Independence from the British thereafter brought death upon Ndigbo. As people of sincere heart with love went for inclusive government by way of agitating for a unified African nation that will include both the rich and poor especially the people of northern Nigeria that were left to suffer set back with stack illiteracy due to the bid to welcome Arabic and Islamic study while the forbid western Education. 

Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe (Zik of Africa) with some other notable African sons made it happen. 

Nigeria got Independent in the year 1960 but you have to remember that the Hausa Fulani North invited the British to colonize them very early followed by the capture of the Yoruba West and lastly, it took the British over thirty years to capture the IGBO East before that satanic amalgamation took place in the year 1914. 

Shortly after Independence, the worst happened. 

The MASSACRE of Igbo people in the North and Western parts of the entity called Nigeria numbering in hundreds of thousands was the result of the counter-coup that happened due to a perceived massive corruption by mutinous military boys that saw some of the politicians then living a flamboyant lifestyle while leaving the rest of the citizens to suffer in neglect and abject poverty. 

The regional government of the East headed by Dim Chukuwemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu feared that the people of the Southeastern part of the contraption called Nigeria are not safe. 

Ojukwu became afraid to attend any meeting outside the shores of the East. 

The country was tense up as nobody knows who to trust again. If they can kill my people, they can kill me too Ojukwu thought in his mind. He tried every means possible to see that the contraption started working again but this time at a more normal administrative level. 

The meeting in Aburi Ghana under the watchful eyes of Lieutenant General Joseph Arthur Ankrah of Ghana was supposed to have ended the surmountable problems facing the entity but then it became obvious that some people liked the impunity.

After both Ojukwu and Gowon had reached an agreement Lieutenant General Joseph Arthur Ankrah was happy at the resolution cheered them up and said bye-bye to them. On arriving in Nigeria all the agreements and peace pacts reached by Ojukwu and Gowon were trashed out without implementation and that led to the breakaway of the Southeastern region of the multinational entity to declare the sovereign state of BIAFRA. 

Now Things Have Fallen Apart And The Center Cannot Hold. The breakaway of the Indigenous people of the Southeastern region attracted a police action by the federal government of Nigeria which of course was resisted before the full-blown Biafra vs Nigeria war of 1967 to 1970. 

Again with the help of the British and other allied nations Ndigbo were murdered in cold blood with impunity. 

Faced with different kinds of inhuman treatment including air, land and sea blockades. Raping of Women. Cutting out the pregnant woman's belly and killing the unborn child. All these atrocities happened under the watch of General Yakubu Gowon the Head of State of Nigeria and the international community watched and did nothing.

Appreciations to all those people of goodwill and countries that helped and aided the Biafran people. We never lost the war because we're still fighting for the restoration of Biafra. The Spirit of our dead from time immemorial and till date now lives in us fighting for the same purpose and cause that the creator of heavens and the earth has called us to fulfil. We've come to liberate not only the Nigerian people despite all their atrocities and calamities on the Biafran people who did nothing order than seeking for their right to exist as humans and to contribute their quarter to National and global development.

All these years of pain and suffering have taught us to be strong because tough situations never last but tough people do. The immortality of the Biafra struggle shall continue to live even after we're gone because BIAFRA is nothing but our tradition and religion. 

As we inherited it from our fathers so shall we pass it on to our generation to come but this time, fully restored. 

Therefore any man or woman thinking that Biafra is dead should wake up from such a dream because BIAFRA REPUBLIC sovereignty is sacrosanct. 

It is a reality that has come to stay and if not for anything the sun that rises from the East will continue to shine and beam an everlasting light where there's darkness in Africa and the world in general until eternity. 




Edited By Aguocha Chinwendum 

For Umuchiukwu Writers

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