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Concept Of "Efulefu " (The Lost Soul) To The Biafra struggle

Concept Of "Efulefu " (The Lost Soul) To The Biafra struggle

■ Author : Chinonso Igwebuike Mbah
■ Date : 31st Aug 2022 
■ Twitter:@umuchiuWWriters

                   Efulefu Joe Igbokwe

The word "Efulefu" is of igbo origin, it can be used to refer to someone who has failed woefully to recognise his or her cultural and traditional worth,in essence it means someone who does not cooperate, unite and coexist with the people for mutual benefits, someone who see himself as a superficial entity amidst the core igbo people, just like the opportunist in Finland and some igbo politicians

Efulefu means a "Lost Soul"/ traitor and boot-licker, In
One who can't defend the interest of his own people due to greed, jealous, envy, cowardice, an alarming level of idiocy, poor knowledge of the history of his people because of selfish ends , a betrayer of his own people just because of the crumbles from his master's table.

An Efulefu is someone who can misrepresent IPOB call for prompt burial of the dead within three days as a threat to Biafrans, because of his criminally minded tendency. 

An Igbo Efulefu is a man who does not know his identity or who is ashamed of his identity, for instance ,the efulefus who bear igbo names but claim to be Rivers State indigenes and Niger Delta  

A well definition of igbo Efulefu are those in political offices, they are well breed and mechanize modern Efulefus, they are inconsequential and traitors to ndigbo. 

An Efulefu is when someone like Ike Ekweremadu spent 20yrs in the senate without passing any health bill nor build any medical facilities in his local government or state, but went far away United Kingdom to harvest the kidney of a poor innocent child for his personal gain

An Efulefu is someone from igbo extraction who want's to use his Presidential ambition to derail the freedom of ndigbo.

An Efulefu is someone who is obediently to slavery instead of freedom.

An Efulefu is an Igbo traditional leader who failed to defend the traditions and cultures of NdiIgbo because his more concerned in Politicians and their money,he even breaks Kola nut with English language & speaks English in his palace even though he is supposed to be a chief custodian of Igbo traditions & culture,like Ohaneze Ndị Igbo hosting meeting in Igboland with English and Hausa kolanut. 

If you are from The igbo extraction in Biafra land and prefer your English name more than your native name you are a product of Efulefu, because you have failed woefully to recognise your true identity .

Another kind of Efulefu are those who work against the interest of Ndigbo through sabotage, they are those who have pitched their tent with the enemies of their people, the likes of Simon Ekpa the dwarf in Finland, Joe igbokwe the commissioner of gutter in Lagos etc is a case study of Efulefu. 

An "Efulefu" is someone who dehumanise the culture and traditions of his people, but will do everything humanly possible to defend foreign religions, he believes his ancestors are dead and evil, not knowing that the ancestors of the foreigners who brought religion to them are dead and evil.

An "Efulefu" is someone who abhors the truth, birth by an igbo woman while the paternity is fulani, parading themselves with fake Igbo name just to do the bidding of their Fulani kinsmen.

 Ndigbo must therefore unite themselves against these "Efulefu" parading themselves as political elites and religious leaders, they must not be allowed to compromise the belief, values and integrity of what Ndigbo are known for. 

Edited By Ezekwereogu Odinaka
Published by Nwaiwu Chiukwuebuka
For Umuchukwu Writers .

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