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Hope Uzodimma A Cruelly Rapacious Savage


Hope Uzodimma A Cruelly Rapacious Savage

Author : Eze Elijah Ifeanyi
Date : 31st Aug 2022

It is no new information that the mission of APC in Imo State have nothing to do with good governance and Democracy . According to confirmed information from different perspective, APC imposed Governor Hope Uzodimma on the people of Imo in order to achieve
total annihilation of Biafrans which 4ulanis failed to achieve during the Genocide in the year 1967-70, where over three million Biafra Children were starved and killed by the combine forces of Nigeria and British arrangement.

According to many observers, Imo people have lost more than half a million of her citizens since Hope Uzodimma assumed the office as the Executive Governor of Imo State. Uzodimma, knowing fully well that he didn't win the gubernatorial election in Imo State and have no other option other than to carry out the directives of his 4ulani  slave masters who are sitting in Abuja and Sokoto.

Uzodimma now wears an infamous identity of who eats his own flesh. The supreme Court governor is busy depriving imolites their rights. No more freedom of association in Imo State. Recently, Catholic women organization members were brutalized in their venue were they were having August meeting by the political criminal militia called Ebubeagu on the orders of the so-called governor.

Youths are being kidnapped on daily basis. Genocide upon genocide. People's houses are being burnt by the Nigeria security forces in collaboration with Ebubeagu militias. All these crimes against the people of Imo are being committed because Hope Uzodimma is trying to satisfy and be loved by his 4ulani slave masters.

In the same vain, his Ebonyi State counterpart David Umahi is busy commiting the same crime against his own people because they want to be loved by the 4ulanis. All these Efulefu Igbo governors should know that they can never escape the consequences of their deeds.

Moreover, I have never seen in any history where a person fought his own people unjustly and later emerged victoriously. So, Hope Uzodimma and co have activated fire that will surely consume them. It is just a matter of time. 4ulani are very clever. They think they may achieve total suppression of the Biafra independence struggle by using the Igbo self acclaimed rigged elected governors, but it is a mission or agenda that is dead on arrival.

Biafra shall come irrespective of the sabotage against IPOB FAMILY and Biafrans in general.

Edited By Ezekwereogu Odinaka
Published by Nwaiwu Chiukwuebuka
For Umuchukwu Writers .

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