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Biafra: Nigeria Has All The Characteristics Of A Failed Country


Biafra: Nigeria Has All The Characteristics Of A Failed Country

Author : Amarachukwu Debby Francis
28th November 2022

How seriously should Nigeria be taking herself as a country? What really is the state of her health as a successful, failed, succeeding or failing state? Are there signs to show how far Nigeria has plummeted or risen on the success ramp?

With the dominant presence of warlords, paramilitary groups, corrupt policing, armed gangs or terrorism, mess up the security and dignity apparatus of Nigeria. The very existence of the state becomes dubious and the state appears like a failed state.

It is sad that like somalia,democratic republic of the congo, Nigeria has become a full fledged failed state . Nigeria can no longer guarantee the safety of her citizens. Nigeria is unsafe. Nigeria has weak rule of  law. The Nigerian borders are porous. Boko Haram, insurgents, bandits, and all sorts of gunmen are infiltrating Nigeria through her porous borders. Every failed state harbour violence, internal rebellion and insurrection and different forms of violent internal strife.

It is very obvious that the Nigeria government is incapable of providing peace and stability to the people of Nigeria. In the past, the ongoing massive killings, banditry, kidnapping, assassination and internal insurrection were restricted to only the North  Eastern Nigeria. Now the whole country is engulfed with violent killings, insurrection and mayhem. For example, hardly any day passes these days without some Nigerian in different parts of the country being killed or mowed down or abducted or willfully assassinated .

The most tragic of them all depicting Nigeria as a failed country is the ongoing, extra judicial killings and gross human right abuses being perpetuated in the South Eastern Nigeria by the Nigerian police and Nigerian Army under the guise of conducting house to house raids to smoke out IPOBians and ESN members from their hideout in the South East. The Nigerian Army and the Nigerian police abandoning the rules of engagement have been killing and injuring unarmed civilians in the South East.

It is amazing that the anti-igbo sentiment and the Igbo hatred are yet to fizzle out for 51 years after the civil war. You can now see how Igbos are continually being made the scapegoat of the simmering Nigerian political crises. For example, rebels, killers, abductors and arsonists abound in different parts of the country. In the north they are freely killing Nigerians and destroying public facilities for years under the close watch of the Nigerian Army.

The fulani herdsmen have been freely going about killing and maiming their victims. The Nigerian Army does not crush them. Miyetti Allah, Sheikh Ahmed Gumi and others have been inciting the citizens and making utterance that verge on treasonable felony. They get away with them. They are untouchable, Igbos are the targets . You can see how they are taking advantage of the recent violent killings and destruction of public facilities in Igbo land to reenact or fan the embers of pre-civil war Igbo prejudice towards the Igbo people.

Nigeria is long expired Nigeria have no amendment
Nigeria is gone.
No more chanting "One Nigeria" help out

Edited By Ugochinyere Onyechere

Published By Nwaiwu Chiukwuebuka

For Umuchiukwu writers.

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