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The Gospel Of Prosperity Has Damaged Nigerians


The Gospel Of Prosperity Has Damaged Nigerians

Author : Chinonso Igwebuike Mbah
17th November 2022


Christian1ty is a religion of conquest, which is the reason why modern-day Nigerian churches are not places of worship but are seen as scamming centres, they are places where professional scammers parading themselves as pastors scam their gullible folks and sell their ancient myths to them in other to make money, church members are made to contribute money for a pastor to buy private jet when they don't have a motorcycle as if that's not enough they will also tell the members to sow a seed for construction of university the church wants to build, a university that they can't afford to send their children to.

The true prophets in the scriptures only collected donations from people that have and use them to help the poor masses that need help, but these days false prophets extort money from the masses only to use billions of dollars to purchase a private jet, and flashy cars and landed properties

The type of offering, sowing of seeds and tithe offering this new millennium churches in Nigeria are collecting every day is overwhelming, imagine a situation where one goes to church with five thousand naira only to go home with a fifth naira, after he or she might have been scammed by those pastors  The name of offering.

The truth must be told that those pastors are scammers, how can there be prosperity in a country where there is no electricity, no good road, no infrastructure, after going to school no job for the youths, a country where the government is suppressing her citizens every day, while the pastors keep teaching them prosperity that will lead them to destruction, no wonder all they care and preach about is prosperity, so people can sow seeds for them to get a better life, they richer your pastors become, they poorer becomes the members, the church is one of the most lucrative business in the history of mankind as far as a country like Nigeria exists.

I'm amazed how church leaders are acquiring worldly properties, it hurts my heart to see so-called servants of God with so many attachments,
many have entangled themselves with  affairs that contradict their calling to the service of Chiukwu like, prosperity pastors are confusing the lives of their gullible folks, and they must stop making those who are struggling financially feel that God does not love them, Christianity is not only about prosperity, stop exploiting and extorting money from innocent members, let them give willingly and cheerfully, stop enriching yourself with the money gotten from poor masses.

If Religious activities will save humanity, Nigeria would have been the best country in the world, we have more churches than any other country, yet we are the most corrupt country, more companies and factories in replacement of churches would change the lives of every average Nigerian and better the society, the amount of wealth created through mischievous contributed offerings by Nigerians every Sunday can build the best infrastructure, build more companies, empower the average Nigerian who is struggling for a better living and help reshape the destinies and mentalities of so many who have been deceived into becoming religious extremists.

Edited By Ezekwereogu Odinaka
Published by Nwaiwu Chiukwuebuka
For Umuchiukwu Writers .

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