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They Buried Us, Not Knowing That We Are Seed, We Germinate And Multiply


They Buried Us, Not Knowing That We Are Seed, We Germinate And Multiply

Author : Chinonso Igwebuike Mbah
17th November 2022


IPOB members 

It's only a foolish dog that barks at a flying bird, recall that In 1970 after the Nigerian Biafra war otherwise also referred to as "genocide" which lasted for three years, in which millions of Biafrans were Massacred, millions of properties were destroyed by Nigerian troops in collaboration with the western world, we were told by Nigerian government it was a no victor, no vanquish declaration, we were made to put down our arms for reconciliation, we left the battlefield with mixed feelings of excitement, nervousness and fear, we headed to the houses we built, we were told by Nigerian government they are now "Abandon Properties" and have been shared as spoils of war, We went to the banks we were told that the money we kept, despite owning millions of naira we were only given 20 pounds, in which Nigerian government claimed it a punishment for economic sabotage.

Our territories were balkanized and given to neighbouring states all in the name of state creation, in other to make us look landlocked and handless, despite the no victor, no vanquish after the war of attrition and genocide committed against Ndigbo, the military declared no Igboman will exceed the rank of a "Major" in the army and equivalent rank in any other military formation, we were subjected to all manners of degrading suffer and humiliation.

They made our farmlands/greener pasture a bane of survival for their cattle, they pretended as if we are one Nigerian yet cannot stop the marginalisation of Ndigbo, all our skilled and technical establishments in Igboland were abandoned, no international airport/seaport, no federal infrastructure, the only infrastructure we have received from Nigeria government since after the war was only military checkpoints and army barracks, with all these conspiracies and subjugation yet some efulefus still believe in one Niger-area.

We were marginalized from all angles, yet they still depended on  Ndigbo in terms of natural resources, economically and academically, but like seeds, perhaps they didn’t know the dangers of burying us, we’ve germinated and have grown stronger and better, because we are  Ndigbo, our resilient nature, coupled with high sense of competent consistency has indeed proven to the world that we multiply in wealth and wisdom, since they thought that we have been buried and forgotten.

Nigeria's government and those who colluded with them to hold Ndigbo hostage in that enclave called Niger-eria will never experience true prosperity until they make true peace with Ndigbo because northern Nigeria will continue to suffer for their atrocities against Ndigbo.

#We Are Proudly Ndigbo
#We Are Proudly Biafrans


Edited By Ezekwereogu Odinaka
Published by Nwaiwu Chiukwuebuka
For Umuchiukwu Writers .

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