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The Agony Of Choosing Tribe And Religion Over Competency

The Agony Of Choosing Tribe And Religion Over Competency

■ Author : Don Black D 
■ Twitter: @umuchiukwu
■ 4th June 2023 

Nigeria, the most populous nation in Africa is indeed a wash. A wash in the sense that nothing about the entity is based on merit but always on tribal and religious sentiment. After embracing Western Education the Yoruba people followed by the Igbo, Hausas and others that make up the entity known as Nigeria. It was by merit and competency that the Igbo were accepted by most British companies then. The ability to keep their heads low and focused helps them get the best graduates right from secondary schools to the university levels. 
Igbo people were accepted to work in those British establishments not because of the love they have for Igbo people rather they saw that they're highly Competent, intelligent, reasonable, industrious, coordinated, focused, determined, skilful, competitive and have this urge for Excellency. 

The British government in Nigeria then took advantage and employed those that have what it takes to work with them and bring results. The Yoruba together with the Igbo benefited from all of these as a result that both accepted Western Education. The Igbo as claimed by the other tribes dominated everywhere which wasn't the intention of any Igbo person up until now to dominate anybody, after all the entity called Nigeria belongs to all the ethnic nationalities there in which every citizen has the right to live, work and own properties anywhere. 

Everybody including the British was enjoying the profits that came through hard work because the Igbo contributed a lot to the progress and development of the companies they worked for. To the British government, it's all about exploitation and selfish interest but to the other tribes, it's about dominance. 

This tribal or religious sentiment started playing out and it was trending everywhere in the country that Ndigbo are dominating everywhere. This propaganda sold to the other tribes made them think that the Igbo have come from the Southeast to dominate them in their regions but then these tribes did not have a problem with the forceful amalgamation of different ethnic nationalities that shared no common values by the British government which was supposed to be a problem in the first place but having Igbo people employed as a result of his merit and qualifications in same British establishments are being tagged DOMINATION. 

Mind you that the dominance here wasn't the problem. The main problem as claimed by these other tribes was the Igbo people. Since when do Education, intelligence determination, focus, skills, hard work and competency become a problem in any striving society? The Crime of the Igbo is nothing but being the best among others and that reality led the other tribes to become envious of the Igbo nation.

The killing of IGBO people in both the Northern and South Western part of Nigeria in 1966 was a result of jealousy, envy and animosity. Dominance was just propaganda sold to the world to justify their atrocities and like the Saduarna of Sokoto "Ahmadu Bello" once said during his interview on the question about the IGBO. He said that they're domineering in nature and that if you don't have any Northerner to employ or give a job to do, you rather look for a foreign expert or another Nigerian who is not Igbo. Now you see how it's affecting the entire ethnic nationalities here in this contraption called Nigeria. He never talked about qualifications or even the competency of the individuals. Everything here is either tribe or religion. How can there be progress and development in this forceful union where all member nations inside one entity see things differently?

This and some other issues are why the then-military boys carried out a military coup to cure this very madness. Again it was tagged Igbo military coup which was used to massacre the Igbo people in thousands in the 1966 Anti-Igbo pogrom. The first, second, third and fourth republics failed due to the tribal and religious sentiment, and irreconcilable differences amongst these member nations that Britain reduced to mere tribes. Elections come and go but the reality remains that they're not conducted in line with the so-called Nigerian constitution and it's even against the INEC electoral laws because here in Nigeria it's only tribe and religion that matter. Once you're good in Nigerian society, you become a threat to others. The people that are supposed to love you, learn from you or have a meaningful impact on them and settle for a better and brighter life tomorrow will be the ones envious of you and many such people want you dead by all means possible. 

The gullible Youths are still suffering to date because they refused to rise for what is right. Thinking that tribes and religion will put them on the top but here they're all due for failure. Being on the top without wisdom, knowledge and understanding. Being at the top without a road map, sensitivity, hard-working vision-orienting, capacity, skills, determination, focus, competency and qualifications. 

Sufferering don't know tribe and religion so you must be reasonable enough not to allow yourself to be used by these few notorious and selfish politicians whose major interests are only to see you eat food today and suffer tomorrow as is the case now. Due to the tribe, you choose Muhammadu Buhari over Goodluck Ebele Jonathan who was more competent at that time. Does that end your suffering? The answer is no, it tripled it. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan was from the Southeast so he shouldn't be there in the first place if not for God's mandate that he later became Nigerian President. The gate of hell was let loose afterwards as tribal bigots started sabotaging his government using hate speech, inciting violence and using terror attacks on citizens. All these were to frustrate him out of office which he later bowed to pressure after being rigged out of office by the then INEC Chairman Professor Attahiru Jega of the Northern oligarchy. 

Peter Gregory Obi is Igbo and from the Southeast so he shouldn't be the president no matter his educational qualifications and political and leadership antecedents Technical know-how and competency because it's written boldly on the Nigerian currency that other tribes should never allow the Igbo to rule again (NAIRA).

Nobody from the Southeast should be the President. Nobody from the Southeast should be the Chief of army staff. Southeast should control the Ports. Nobody from the Southeast should be the Defense Minister all political office should go to the Northerners or Westerners preferably. It doesn't matter the level of illiteracy, brilliance, exposure and leadership quality of the person hence he comes from there and yet people are so quick to fault IPOB. 

Everywhere you go in the world Igbo people are known for Excellence in everything they do except in Nigeria where other ethnic groups think that tribal sentiment must be used as a weapon against the Igbo. You want progress and development but you choose tribe and religious sentiment over competency. It's like doing business with pleasure which won't last the test of time. 
Fela Kuti" of blessed memory once said that the Nigerian people like suffering and smiling.

Bola Ahmed Tinubu has been the choice of INEC as President under the fraudulent current INEC Chairman Yakubu Mahmood another Northerner assured everybody that he'll continue from where the Ex-president Mohammadu Buhari stopped during his campaign promises had done exactly what he told Nigerians. Buhari then was a symbol of hardship in Nigeria and today the hardships continue after all. Subsidy removal had increased the suffering of the masses due to a lack of technical know-how, approach and competency. The ethnic nationalities in Nigeria should know that the Igbo are not just a blessing to Africa but also a blessing to the world. Killing them and destroying everything that they've built won't end your suffering. It'll increase it a thousand times cause you're against progress, growth and development. 

Nobody's envy, jealousy and hatred combined against Ndigbo will stop them because indeed the sun rises from the East and not until we rise in Africa everywhere will be full of darkness.

To ease all the components bodies in this contraption called Nigeria, the people should wake up from their slumber and speak out for the disintegration of Nigeria as this will not only make Africa proud but will also help throw away the British establishments here that have seen our children going through all kinds of humiliation, marginalization, brutalization and destruction of their lives and properties and at worst disturbing our peace and Unity as black nations. Failure to talk about Nigeria's separation will continue to set not just Nigeria backwards but Africa as a whole.

All the artificial boundaries created by the Europeans had destroyed lives and their divide-and-rule tactics created the hatred you see everywhere in Africa, Yes, we may likely blame ourselves for allowing ourselves to be used to having achieved all these while our people are dying daily. Now in Nigeria, a president was selected according to his tribe and religion and another would be selected or perhaps elected according to the tribe again after this present one, it's not because the person has what it takes or is voted in by the people to give life meaning but in one way or the other it is their birthright. No wonder they run an exclusive government instead of running an inclusive government where all the tribes are allowed to compete without any quota system in place but rather based on merits, efficiency, qualities and capabilities. 

Africa can never unite in the absence of justice. Do Justice to the plight of Ndigbo and others looking for justice. Not until it's done we may never have the Africa of our dreams. Dissolve Nigeria today and allow different ethnic nationalities therein to decide how they want to live their life in line with their common values as this will bring about Peace, Progress, growth and developments

The Igbo that Nigerians hated most are willing at the end to give their life to save them. If only they know how great Africa will be when people go their separate ways and leave this British establishment working against our interests and development and watch most of these problems disappear. To stop the issue of tribe or no tribe this entity needs to be dissolved. The Agony of tribal and religious sentiment will never go until the different tribes in Nigeria are one but not under this contraption. I mean one by their natural value systems. 
If Africans claimed to be one with many separate nations so is the IGBO one with other ethnic nationalities in Nigeria with the sovereign State of Biafra. If black life matters only when the white kills Black, It's supposed to be applicable when black kills black in all truth and honesty than being hypocritical. 

Edited By Aguocha Chinwendum
Published By Nwaiwu Chiukwuebuka 
For Umuchiukwu Writers .

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