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Biafra: The Consequences Of Sabotaging IPOB For Political Ambitions Will Be Severe

Biafra: The Consequences Of Sabotaging IPOB For Political Ambitions Will Be Severe 

■ Author: Don Black D

■ Twitter:@umuchiukwu

■ 30.07.2023 

For clarification, IPOB, under Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, has no faction. Those who promote such a narrative are sabotaging the Biafra restoration efforts for their political ambitions and the consequences shall be severe. IPOB stands for the Indigenous people of Biafra. Biafra encompasses all the eleven provinces of the defunct country, a region the British through Nigeria now plunder its abundant natural resources with reckless abandon. 

The global family members of IPOB are well-disciplined and coordinated, leaving no room for unlawful activities. The numerous court pronouncements are testaments to this fact. To date, neither IPOB nor any members have been found guilty of any crime. The IPOB leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu who is illegally incarcerated has been discharged and acquitted by a Nigerian court. Leadership by a good example is the reason over 70 million Biafrans follow Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. He knows his people, and they know him. 

When he calls, people obey, as he is their voice in the wilderness, urging them to awaken from their slumber. The plan to use a few weak and senseless Igbo politicians, traditional rulers, Nigerian security forces, Fulani herdsmen, and the introduction of RUGA to take over our ancestral land in exchange for political rewards, has always and will continue to meet vehement opposition from the indigenous people. IPOB is here to ensure that no inch of our land is overrun by our enemies. 

These shameless Igbo politicians forget that charity begins at home. Instead, they focus on external interests, abandoning their people when the need arises. The release of Nigeria police DSP Abbakiari, despite being indicted and found guilty of illegal activities with Yahoo boys, and the pardon granted to murderous Boko Haram fighters during Ex-President Muhammadu Buhari's time, raise concerns. Yet, these Abuja errand boys remain silent. Sadly, they choose to fight their brethren who have committed no crime because that has become a criterion for getting the crumbs from their master's table. 

These Igbo leaders imposed on the people by the APC-led government without batting an eye, bringing hardship and pain on their people all in the bid to frustrate the restoration of BIAFRA. However, Biafrans remain steadfast in their cause. Biafrans have suffered more at the hands of their politicians than the enemies of IPOB. These politicians are supposed to protect their people, but instead, they joined the oppressors. Thereby emboldening them. 

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The unprofessional conduct by Nigerian security personnel in Biafraland is due to the cluelessness and lack of credibility of those in power. They seem to forget that their actions and inactions will have dire consequences, and they shall reap what they sow. It's essential for those who have chosen the path of sabotage to heed this warning, retrace their steps and, come back to the people, to whom true power belongs. 

The Southeast governors, traditional rulers, and Ohanaeze Ndigbo should understand that a cry for one is a cry for all. #FreeMaziNnamdiKanu #AllHailBiafra #ILoveBiafra 

Edited By Ozioma Onwe 

Published By Umuchiukwu Writers

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