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Biafra: Colonialism and Neo-Colonialism in Africa Enough Is Enough


Biafra: Colonialism and Neo-Colonialism in Africa Enough Is Enough 

■ Author: Chinonso Igwebuike Mbah

■ Twitter:@umuchiukwu

■ 19.08.2023 

The shadows of colonialism and neo-colonialism have loomed over Africa for far too long and the time has come for Africa to firmly declare, "Enough is enough!" The survival of colonialism hinges on corruption and brutality; Westerners have been playing this game since the colonial era. It was a script crafted by the British based on their experience with the warrant chiefs. They would select a few individuals, elevate them to positions of authority, and entice them with wealth, making it easy to manipulate them against their people. 

This is why they exported their fabricated version of democracy as the optimal form of governance, allowing them to impose their puppets through the manipulation of election results. The very colonialists who preach to us about democracy and human rights are the same people who dehumanized us and led us to question our existence as Africans. They undermined our spirituality, culture, science, and intelligence through their actions. 

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The driving force behind their interest in Africa is the manipulation of Africans and the exploitation of our abundant natural resources. While the Africans of the past might not have been prepared, the current generation is ready to eradicate colonialism and neo-colonialism from the African continent. We are determined to eliminate the slave-master mentality of neo-colonialism and are advocating for self-determination. This is crucial because the entities we find ourselves in today are the result of colonial amalgamation, as seen in countries like Nigeria, Cameroon, and Sudan. 

The current generation of Africans is poised to achieve full independence from Westerners and their allies. We are starting to define the path forward for Africa and its people. The tribes and ethnicities that were merged through amalgamation will have every right to sovereignty. We are fed up with Westerners disrespecting Africans and imposing puppet leaders on us. We are through with these wrongdoings, and we're at a point where we no longer care about the consequences of our liberation struggle for Mama Africa. 

We have endured enough, and Westerners have taken advantage of us for far too long. They have exploited our raw materials without giving back or considering the social responsibility towards indigenous communities. They impose corrupt leaders, bribe them, and encourage them to stash ill-gotten gains in foreign banks. It is disheartening that African leaders have become tools in the hands of our oppressors. They are now being forced and coerced to comply with their demands. 

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The same criminals who sponsor insurgency in West Africa are also looting the region's natural resources. Despite assistance from America and Britain, Nigeria has been unable to defeat the simple threat of Boko Haram. The root problem in Africa is not with Africans but with the puppet leaders imposed upon us. These leaders are designed to exploit and impoverish Africans. 

The time is ripe for us to reject both internal and foreign handouts in the name of aid and expel Western influence from the African continent. There is an urgent need for Africa to break free from the shackles of colonialism and neo-colonialism, hence, Africa's people and nations must unite in their resolute demand for an end to external manipulation and exploitation. 

Written by Chinonso Igwebuike Mbah 

Edited by Ozioma Onwe 

Published By Umuchukwu Writers

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