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Biafra: The Federal Government Of Nigeria Supports Terrorism

                           Biafra: The Federal Government Of Nigeria Supports Terrorism 

■ Author: Amarachukwu Debby Francis

■ Twitter:@umuchiukwu

■ 19.08.2023 

The claim that the Federal Government of Nigeria supports terrorism is a distressing reality. Despite purported efforts to combat terrorism in Nigeria, it is evident that they are deliberately nurturing the very menace they claim to oppose. 

It is noteworthy that numerous confessions from arrested terrorists frequently implicate the Nigerian government in various ways. The situation becomes even more disconcerting when the government orchestrates extrajudicial civilian killings at the slightest provocation, while simultaneously negotiating with and granting amnesty to bandits. This trend extends to recruiting these criminals into different branches of the country's security forces. Such actions cast a shadow over the integrity of the nation. Engaging in dialogue or negotiations with bandits, as it stands, merely fuels the evil machinery of terrorism in Nigeria. 

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This is a reality that the federal government acknowledges, yet their support remains steadfast since they reap benefits from the heightened state of terrorism. Ransom payments and the so-called amnesty for bandits are both dubious practices that foster the growth of terrorism and banditry. It is bewildering to see the Nigerian government openly granting amnesty to individuals who have confessed to heinous crimes, including torture, kidnapping, rape, and murder. 

These criminals are allowed to walk free with compensation. Meanwhile, security forces are deployed against a specific tribe merely seeking justice. While terrorists perpetrate violence, the Nigerian federal government unjustly targets and victimizes innocent Christian Biafrans, labelling them members of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB). The very security forces that take pleasure in the oppression of innocent Christians in Biafraland are complicit in supplying arms to terrorists and bandits, further fracturing Nigeria. 

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The Federal Government's decision to reintegrate "repentant" insurgents, essentially terrorists and bandits, into society while suppressing those demanding self-determination due to obvious marginalization and injustice is deeply condemned by conscientious individuals. 

This move clearly highlights the government's active support and sponsorship of terrorism. Furthermore, no well-meaning government would be quick to reintegrate terrorists into society but the Nigerian state celebrates the so-called reformation of some Boko Haram members, disregarding the harm they have done and the victims—those killed, rendered homeless, and stripped of hope. It sets a dangerous precedent for future groups or individuals who might believe that their heinous acts will be easily forgiven. 

The federal government of Nigeria has firmly established its pro-terrorism stance. Nigeria's status as a failed state persists, and there is no hope of recovery. Therefore, the commitment to restoring the sovereign state of Biafra remains unwavering. 

Written by Amarachukwu Debby Francis 

Edited by Ozioma Onwe 

Published By Umuchiukwu Writers.

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