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Biafra: The Need To Uphold And Preserve The Command And Control Structure Of IPOB

Biafra: The Need To Uphold And Preserve The Command And Control Structure Of IPOB  

■ Author: Mazi Humphrey Chidiadi Nze 

■ Twitter:@umuchiukwu

■ 17.08.2023 

I want to remind our people that in IPOB, we have foundational principles which form the basis of this struggle: "My fellow Biafran warriors, advocates of justice, and believers in Biafra's freedom, I want to remind you that we are unified under the Principle of Command and Control for the sustenance of the Biafra struggle and Biafra's restoration. 

The Biafra struggle is not a loose movement; it’s a fortified one. Our enemies are numerous and attack from multiple fronts. If we are not fortified and remain under one command, they can easily destabilize us. Today, I am not addressing you as individuals but as a collective force that has the power to shape history, challenge oppression, and pave the way for a brighter future for every Biafran. 

Our struggle for Biafra's restoration is a sacred mission, one that demands our unwavering commitment, unity, and a shared understanding of our path to restoring Biafra. Understanding the mission of IPOB is the first step toward aligning with and upholding the structure of IPOB and abiding by its principles of command and control. Our journey has brought us to a pivotal moment, a juncture where our actions will define the course of our struggle. 

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It is imperative that we embrace the Principle of Command and Control, a guiding philosophy that has the potential to amplify our efforts, ensure effective coordination, and secure the well-being of our land and people. Acting with a unified purpose and direction is the first step toward defeating our enemies. Under the umbrella of this principle, we must recognize the significance of each member within the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) family. Unity is not just a word; it is the essence of our strength. By adhering to the Principle of Command and Control, we create a harmonious structure that allows us to pool our resources, talents, energies, passions, inspirations, and determination toward a common goal. 

As one of the principal officers of this noble IPOB movement, I call on every one of you to take this principle to heart. Let it be known that our struggle is not carried on the shoulders of only a few individuals but on the collective might of a united front. It is important to note that we cannot be united if we are not disciplined and principled. Being disciplined and principled empowers us to align ourselves with the movement's structure, the command and control system, and the values of this noble IPOB family. Defying the structure of command and control means insubordination to the IPOB united front, which ultimately leads to being crushed. 

We must rise above individual interests and personal gains and focus on what truly matters: the liberation of Biafra. Engaging in debates about leadership roles in BiafraLand before Biafra's restoration will not lead us anywhere. IPOB has a structure, and it is crucial that we position ourselves under this structure and support the struggle. We have witnessed a situation where a criminal Nigeria double agent in Finland claims to be the prime minister of Biafra when Biafra has not even been restored, thereby influencing some gullible Biafrans to believe in the existence of two factions in IPOB when no such thing exists. 

In our journey toward the restoration of Biafra, it is essential to transcend the realm of individual interests and short-term gains. The essence of our cause requires us to unify our efforts toward a collective vision that goes beyond personal desires. By aligning ourselves with the structures, values, and principles of command and control, we have aligned ourselves with the larger objective of IPOB: the liberation of Biafra. I want to remind us that true fulfillment comes not from isolated achievements, but from contributing to a greater cause that will leave an indelible mark on generations to come. A critical aspect of this unification is our support for the Eastern Security Network (ESN). Our land cries out for protection, and it is our responsibility to safeguard it from all threats and attacks from our enemies. You have all seen the extent of Fulani atrocities against the people of Biafra, from the rape of our women, and destruction of our farmlands and crops, to the killing of innocent Biafran men, women, youths, and children, and kidnapping for ransom. Financial support for the ESN is not merely an option; it is a duty we owe to our land, our ancestors, and our future generations. Let us channel our resources to support this struggle because our collective strength can fortify the defensive walls that protect our people. 

Remember that our struggle is not just for ourselves; it is for the generations yet unborn. Let history record that we, as IPOB members, stood firm in the face of adversity I enco and embraced unity under the IPOB umbrella to exemplify the Principle of Command and Control. Let our actions prove our commitment to justice and the restoration of Biafra.

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I encourage every one of us to move forward with determination, purpose, and unity. Let us operate within the Principle of Command and Control, and let our support for the Eastern Security Network echo through the ages. ESN is the backbone of IPOB, and we should all support them. They risk their lives every single day for you and me. Remember that safety is more important than comfort. ESN is part of the defence structure of IPOB, and we must encourage them to do more. 

By aligning yourself with the general structure of IPOB and IPOB values, you are saying yes to ESN. Many enemies are there to pull you down, and many attacking dogs have been unleashed to distract you and bias your mind. Don't take your eyes off the goal. 

Their assignment is to make you deviate from the course of Biafra restoration but don't let them succeed. The road ahead may be challenging, but we are stronger together, and together we shall prevail. In solidarity and unity. All hail Biafra #FreeMaziNnamdiKanuNow #BiafraReferendumNow #FreeBiafraNow #BiafraExit 

Written by Mazi Humphrey Chidiadi Nze 

Edited by Ozioma Onwe 

Published By Umuchukwu Writers.

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