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Biafra: An Open Address To Nigeria Criminal Agents And Infiltrators Blackmailing IPOB

         Biafra: An Open Address To Nigeria Criminal Agents And Infiltrators Blackmailing IPOB

■ Author: Mazi Humphrey Chidiadi Nze 

■ Twitter:@umuchiukwu

■ 17.08.2023 

An Open Address To Nigeria Criminal Agents And Infiltrators Blackmailing IPOB And Using Their Name To Commit Atrocities Cease Exploiting IPOB's Name for Your Atrocities and Criminality To those of you who choose darkness over light, deception over truth and crime over justice, I speak to you today with unwavering resolve and uncompromising commitment to the values that IPOB hold dear. 

The messages you are reading today represent an open address and a resounding call to those of you who are exploiting the name of IPOB to commit heinous crimes in the shadows of our righteous struggle. IPOB is established to save lives, protect our people from the British and Fulani evil agendas, defend our territories and restore Biafra. Therefore one going against this standard is an enemy of Biafra restoration. We the Indigenous people of Biafra IPOB worldwide are making this call today not from a place of weakness but from a position of moral fortitude and the determination for truth to prevail. 

Do not give yourself to our enemies to use you, remember this is the same way they used our ancestors to enslave us. They gave them Mirrors and dashed them white horse bicycles and handed over guns to them to go to the villages to kill their flesh and their blood, Biafrans don’t allow history to repeat itself. We observed that the Nigerian DSS has recruited many Fulani terrorists, some Asari Dokubo militants and a few gullible Biafrans who lead them to any place they want to commit atrocities. 

Let it be known to you all that the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) worldwide stand united against any form of criminality. Our foundation is built upon the pillars of justice, self-determination and the pursuit of our rights through peaceful propagation. Let it be clearly understood that the collective strength of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) resonates through the determined commitment to upholding values of integrity and justice. Our movement, spanning across nations and cultures, stands as proof of the power of unity against any form of criminality. 

The foundation upon which IPOB is built rests on the pillars of these important values. Justice, to us, is not merely a word; it's the cornerstone upon which the Biafran struggle rests. We believe that every individual deserves a just and equitable society and our commitment to this principle drives us to denounce and distance ourselves from any actions that betray the essence of our struggle. At the heart of IPOB's mission lies the strong dedication to self-determination achieved through peaceful propagation. 

It's a principle that underscores our respect for the rule of law and the power of dialogue. This unique approach to advocacy amplifies the credibility of our cause and differentiates us from those who may resort to violence. By advocating peacefully, we aim to inspire change not just within our movement, but within the hearts and minds of all who support us. It's a stance that reflects the wisdom and maturity of a movement rooted in the belief that lasting change can only be achieved when it is fostered through nonviolent means. 

IPOB's united front is a demonstration of the belief that when people rally together under a common cause, they can surmount challenges that seem insurmountable. Our pursuit of self-determination goes beyond geographical boundaries; it's a pursuit that thrives on the spirit of unity among individuals who share the same dreams. By aligning ourselves under the banner of justice and peaceful propagation, we cultivate an environment of unity that transcends any divisive agenda. This unity is not just a present need; it's an investment in the future of the Biafran people. 

Through unity, we stand tall and resolute against any attempt to tarnish our cause, reaffirming our commitment to justice and peaceful advocacy for generations to come. Our leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is an embodiment of these principles, through which he has gained the support of millions of Biafrans and lovers of freedom around the Globe, as he works tirelessly for Biafra restoration. Despite all his careful effort to make sure that this struggle remains a peaceful movement, some Nigerian double agent infiltrators have chosen to sow seeds of discord and chaos, while hiding behind the name of IPOB. 

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We condemn these criminals and their criminal actions in the strongest possible terms. We distance ourselves from your criminal endeavours be it kidnapping, car theft, organ harvesting or any other despicable act you perpetrate. 

Your actions do not reflect our struggle, our values or our people. This is a stark warning to you criminals, infiltrators and Nigeria double agents, stop your criminal activities immediately or get ready for the consequences, because You are not just betraying the name of IPOB you are betraying the very essence of the Biafran people's quest for justice. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has never sanctioned any individual or group to exploit the name of IPOB for criminal gains. 

Your actions are not only misguided, but they are a stain on the righteous cause that we are pursuing, know this day that anyone who impedes Biafra's restoration must surely go down for Biafra to rise, Biafra is a divine mandate and no one can quench it. Many have come to pull the Biafra struggle down but they all failed, Many who think they can stand in the way of Biafra restoration are now history, You who are plotting and playing your draft to make sure you bring IPOB down, I advise you to take heed lest you fall. We serve a living God, Ezechukwuokike Abiama, he is the one who has determined that Biafra must emerge as a sovereign nation and there is nothing any man can do to stop the restoration of Biafra. 

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Now that the southeast governors have declared IPOB innocent of all the criminalities going on in Biafraland, I call on them and those who hold positions of authority in the contraption called Nigeria and those who claim to uphold the law and protect the rights of the people to take action now, to stop these DSS criminals agents from harming our people. Identify and apprehend those responsible for these atrocities. The stain of criminality cannot be allowed to tarnish the legitimate aspirations of the Biafran people for self-determination. Let the world take note of this, IPOB is not a haven for criminals, We are a responsible, organized, and principled movement. 

We advocate for justice and our rights through lawful means. To the world leaders who are listening to this broadcast, we want you to know that our intentions are noble, our cause is just and our struggle is marked by the pursuit of peace. In conclusion, to you infiltrators and criminals using the name of IPOB to commit atrocities, we emphasize that this is not a threat, but a statement of fact. The consequences of your actions will be severe. We will not allow you to destroy the legitimacy of our struggle to restore Biafra, nor stand by and watch and allow you to tarnish the name of IPOB. The path of righteousness is clear and we implore you to choose it now, otherwise get ready for the consequences of your wickedness. 

In unity, justice, and peaceful determination we stand! #FreeMaziNnamdiKanuNow #BiafraReferendumNow #FreeBiafraNow #BiafraExit 

Written By Mazi Humphrey Chidiadi Nze 

Edited By Aguocha Chinwendum 

Published By Umuchukwu Writers

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