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Biafra: Open Letter To Dear Motherland (Africa)

                         Biafra: Open Letter To Dear Motherland (Africa)

■ Author: Writer Don Black D

■ Twitter:@umuchiukwu

■ 010.08.2023

Dear good people of Africa, I want to start by thanking God almighty for the gift of life upon every indigenous black person on this planet earth. It is a thing of joy for me to be alive and witness a time like this. The long-awaited hope of freedom for black people has finally come to reality as we now have the courage and the ability to take by force whatever belongs to us from the hands of these white imperialists. Yes, it is our heritage but these white witches and wizards that are operating in human form have laid siege on us with the obligations to steal, kill, destroy and nothing more. 

The Bible stated clearly in the book of John 10:10 that the thief has come to still, kill and destroy. This is true as common sense will tell you that the white Europeans are the real d£vils you may be looking for. Going by what has happened recently in the corridors of power within Africa, it's something that all the indigenous black African people must give their support to because a time like this is very crucial to Africa regardless of your location or country therein. The coup in Burkina Faso, Mali and currently Niger are somewhat deserving. It is a welcome development for the black race and as such no reasonable black person should go against it. 

The sole purpose of the military coup was to remove insanity and restore sanity. Remove hopelessness and restore hope. Remove underdevelopment and kick-start development. Remove imperialists and restore economic progress. Remove power from the white loyalists and by this I mean a few of these black leaders worshipping the colonial masters, serving their interest against the interest of their people as per their gain and selfish interest. 

Black people all over the world must work tirelessly to restore power to black loyalists I mean those that'll work for our general well-being to ensure our economic growth.  Any anti-Niger military coup is bringing war against the black people because what the military junta did in Burkina Faso, Mali, and now Niger was a step in the right direction. These countries and their military personnel deserve the hands of applause and award for facing reality and conquering fear which served as a weapon and was used by the white supremacists to pin Africa down. Surprisingly, we fear death even when it is certain that death is inevitable. We're afraid of going to hell fire because of destruction when it is written in the bible Proverbs 10:15 that the rich man's wealth is his strong city; The destruction of the poor is their poverty. Now you know how insane those supporting ECOWAS can be. 

Africa's natural resources are taken away by the white imperialists and it helps them strengthen their economy and make them superpowers even to the point that they build nuclear weapons which poses a threat not just to Africans alone but to the entire world. Yet black errand boys and the so-called black leaders are happy to see the destruction of their race. 

Isn't that stupidity or should I say idiocy and art of cowardice? 

We read the Bible but we lack understanding. Ignore the useless call by these Foolish and senseless ECOWAS leaders who are there only for themselves and their immediate families. Where were they when African people were dying in the Mediterranean Sea just trying to cross to Europe for greener pastures? Where were they when black immigrants were tagged terrorists simply because their villages, homes, towns or countries were under occupation by the colonial masters?  What were they doing about Africa's economic growth? the answer is nothing. What about the safety of life and properties? The answer is nothing. What about health and infrastructure? The answer is nothing. 

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What about good roads and electricity? The answer is nothing. What about industries and homeland investment? The answer is nothing. What about Africa's culture and traditions? The answer is nothing. Education is a no-go area in Africa because our leaders have priority by sending all their kids to Europe to study with our resources. Who is fooling who? I think it is our leader and their masters against the ordinary black people and come to think of it, they're not on the majority side but we're, so why do we give these senseless leaders too much power to continue to be impoverishing us? 

I think the best answer is what you and I have seen in a few of these African countries that returned to their senses while standing up against hopelessness, stupidity, idiocy, ignorance, cowardice, and weakness. I hereby call on all the African soldiers to unite and stand up for what is right because it is written in the Bible according to John 8:32 which says, Then you'll know the truth and the truth shall set you free. A reasonable black person would like to ask what's the truth then? The truth is, Africans are blessed with huge natural resources but Europeans were exploiting it in collaboration with a few of our leaders to keep Africa poor. Today the Europeans are rich but we're not. 

This is not to say that we're wishing anybody to be poor but then how does seeking a balance in the creation of wealth a crime against humanity as ECOWAS and their colonial powers have painted it to be and if otherwise why are they pointing fingers at Barka na Faso, Mali, and now Niger? ECOWAS for selfish reasons failed to embrace the Truth, no wonder their member nations are wallowing in abject poverty. In fact, as a matter of urgency, I advise that Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger should dismember themselves from ECOWAS going forward and form a strong military alliance to prepare themselves in case of any military action against them. Although I want to believe that other well-meaning black nations won't subscribe to that rubbish by ECOWAS whose leadership lacks vision and direction. 

Ask yourself why some of these African rulers are so darling to the West. It is simple, they're hopeless, useless, senseless and the worst of it all, they're inferior. We the black indigenous people are no longer interested in all these partisan politics against the common interest of the black race, Nigeria is a case study. 

The British government for ages succeeded in the creation of that baseless giant failure of Africa. In Nigeria, the situation is a like chain that chained over 200 million people together to die in starvation, poverty, and destruction of talents and destinies. 

Wastage of resources and worst still the imposed leadership after the elections while creating tribal and religious tension just to make rigging and electoral malpractices possible for dollar-cash-carrying politicians. 

The use of military force against the citizens, the last but not the least is noncompliance of Court orders, doing the opposite of the rule of law in a said democracy. Nigeria has been the stronghold of these White imperialists and it was well targeted by the British who are using some gullible black people like the Hausa and Yoruba Nations as their willing tools to suppress the truth which of course represents the rising voices of the Biafra agitators who understood and have the in-depth knowledge about their agenda which is to keep the indigenous people of Biafra IPOB and other black African people in perpetual poverty. During the civil war between BIAFRA and NIGERIA, these actors played a vital role in using black soldiers to destroy fellow black citizens only to protect and continue their occupation of Africa. 

The same thing they're now planning to do in Niger Republic but must face severe resistance because Africans know better now. 

Only Tanzania, Gabon, Ivory Coast, Haiti and Zambia recognized BIAFRA then. When in the real Sense Africa by now supposed to have had an increase in member nations about three or four additional countries namely The Republic of BIAFRA, AREWA, ODUDUWA, and including AMBAZIONIA. 

As we sleep away the thief comes in to steal, kill and destroy because we lose guards. Going forward, we all must say no to the occupation by the Western world, and embrace our new reality. I hope you now understand that people can kill other people for their evil intention but nobody will defeat an ideology whose time is ripe. 

Gadaffi was murdered but his ideology on uniting Africa, build strong military forces, Adopt One currency against dollar dominance and IMF monetary policy has continued keeping us in debt. Grow our economy by industrializing our Homeland and creating enough job opportunities for our young people. 

When growing up I was told that children should listen to their parents for we are the leaders of tomorrow but that isn't realistic in Africa as a result of the greed and selfishness of some of these imposed African leaders who are old enough to be our great grandparents. 

Any black president doing well today becomes an enemy of the slave masters but how much is too much to pay for our freedom? Nothing! So if it's Worth laying down our lives then let's die to restore hope for our generation to come. It'll be a failure in our path to continue this way. What's the essence of life if purposes aren't met? Therefore, I'm appealing to the military junta to make a difference in their pursuit of freedom, equity and Justice, and also allow peace and progress to be fostered in our dear motherland Africa. 

The Russian government under the leadership of President Vladimir Putin has shown kindness to black people and his willingness to work hand in hand with Africa has our full support so far each party keeps to a gentlemanly agreement for a long-lasting relationship that'll benefit the two parties. 

Africans are going to treat Russia like the way God treated Solomon the son so David who only sorts for wisdom and then has everything in abundance. More wisdom to you President Vladimir Putin as you stand up for Truth, Equity and Justice, May it continue to be in your favour now and forever more. 

Live and let's live is all we ask from the hands of these white supremacists and I don't think it is a difficult thing to be granted. Hate Africa and Africans we hate you, it is as simple as ABC. We have tolerated this nonsense for too long and have come to draw our conclusion that never again will anybody enslave Africa. I'm using this medium to call on any black leader that'll sabotage Africa's collective interest to know that he may be stoned on the streets no matter the number of armed security men he's using as bodyguards because they're going to fight for the interest of the people not one man for their good and that of generation to come. When One or few people cook food for the public the public will consume the food fast but when the public cooks for one or few people they'll find it very difficult to finish the food. 

The power belongs to the people as we have witnessed in Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger. Black people all over the world regardless of whether they reside in Africa or not must campaign against the Nigerian government for the continuous incarceration of freedom fighters, IPOB members and others and seek the release of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, a prisoner of conscience. 

Support the BIAFRA restoration project and the disintegration of this British establishment called NIGERIA which is working against the will of the masses. The Nigerian military system has been hijacked by non-state actors like Mujahid Asari Dokubo, and many others. 

Africa is our motherland, we show our loyalty not to white imperialists or supremacists. Our soldiers are the most intelligent and have made it a point of duty and responsibility to protect our heritage, preserve our identity, restore our culture and traditions, and put Africa on a good timeline among other continents of the world. 

The land is green and heavily endowed with numerous natural resources by CHUKWU OKIKE ABIAMA which we all know as the God of the universe. The gift of a man makes way and brings him before kings so It shouldn't be a curse upon the inhabitants of the land in Africa because of these principalities and powers in the high places instead in our kindness we're looking forward to a world where Truth becomes the heads of States and keep hurting those that want to create chaos, backwardness, poverty, untimely death, Hopelessness, fake promises, corruption, and kick against individuals who think they're bigger than the rule of law that were meant to checkmate the activities of mankind to help maintain tranquillity. State-sponsored Terrorism is the invention of terrible and more deadly viruses to destabilize the human body and make lopsided monetary policies reign supreme against other people's will.  

Create scarcity in economic means to punish humanity when in the real sense God blessed us with its abundance. Finally, no African son or daughter should go against Niger Republic military coup if ECOWAS leaders are frightened by such and to avoid replication in their various countries, that one is enough to kick them in the ass and urge them to serve the interest of their people. 

Nobody is happy paying huge amounts of money just to enter Europe to become a slave all in the name of looking for greener pastures which we've in Africa excessively. It's madness and failure on the leadership side. Robbing Peter to pay Paul is no longer an interesting business so let's switch to Peter's hard work shouldn't be used to feed the lazy Paul. If that should be allowed to happen, let it be based on the understanding and unbiased agreement that Paul also should contribute something than taking all the rest of his life to the other's disadvantage and dissatisfaction. 

Let's put an end to blacks killing black. Blacks betraying black, blacks being used against fellow black as all these are geared towards one direction which is to depopulate and impoverish Africa. God wants us to take dominion over all things and multiple because in his infinite wisdom, the resources were there but man super imposed hardships are designed to undermine God's instructions and purposes for humanity. Very sad indeed. Goodbye to white imperialism and Rest In Peace white Supremacy. 

The late Michael Jackson in one of his songs said we must make the world a better place for our children and the generation to come. That's (MMADU) which means the beauty of life In Igbo translation. 

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Writer Don Black D 

Editor Aguocha Chinwendum 

Publishing Umuchiukwu Writer

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