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Biafra: A New Era Of Enlightenment Has Begun

                                Biafra: A New Era Of Enlightenment Has Begun

■ Author: Esiaba Chibuihe

■ Twitter:@umuchiukwu

■ 08.11.2023 

According to Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the essence of being human lies in our ability to reason, analyze information, and pose critical questions. As we embark on a mission of mental enlightenment and revolution across the continent of Africa, we are committed to challenging political and religious scholars in Africa with factual information.

During a recent journey, I engaged in an interactive argument with Reverend Obinna regarding the situation in Nigeria, the lives of Christians in the country, and Omenala Igbo. The conversation unfolded as follows:

Rev. Obinna: "Sadly, we've been on this road for the past 20 minutes because of a bad road. God help me; I can't afford to miss this diocese meeting in the next few minutes. We are suffering in this country, and bad roads are the worst despite the skyrocketing prices of things in Nigeria."

Me: "Good day, sir."

Rev. Obinna: "Good day, my son. How are you?"

Me: "Fine, sir! You've been talking to yourself; is anything wrong?"

Rev. Obinna: "Not at all. I am rushing for a meeting, and as you can see, the situation of this road alone could  make me arrive late."

Me: "That's the condition of Nigeria as a failed state, and we'll continue suffering as long as those in the best positions to speak the truth refuse to do so."

Rev. Obinna: "You are right, my child. Our political leaders have failed to do what is right."

Me: "Yes, sir. And our religious leaders are not exempt. They are part of our problems, feeding our people with what they want to hear, and not the truth."

Rev Obinna: "The truth remains that most clergymen are after money, but they feed their flocks with the word of God, and that word of God is truth. They are not the problem. The church is established on the foundation of truth through the power of Christ Jesus."

Me: "Thank you, sir. I love the word 'truth.' I'd like to know who wrote the Bible, and do you believe that the Bible is nothing but the truth?"

Rev. Obinna: "Yes, the Bible is the mind of God; it was written by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. And the first five books of the Old Testament were written by Moses."

Me: "Thank you, sir. But which book wrote about the death of Moses on the mount of Nebo?"

Rev. Obinna: "Deuteronomy explained the death of Moses, how his anger denied him access to the promised land, Canaan."

Me: "But how is it possible that the same Moses who wrote Deuteronomy wrote about his death and burial in the same book?"

Rev. Obinna: "Through the Holy Spirit, everything is possible, and it was 'probably' by revelation to him before his departure. But which church do you attend? (He's not even sure) I suggest you meet your pastor for more explanation."

Me: "I stopped attending Church (name withheld) for a long time now because my pastor hasn't defeated some of these arguments. I am a lover of a sound mind, Onye Omenala, and a follower of Nnamdi Kanu."

Rev. Obinna: "We all support Biafra, but you are not getting it right when you no longer attend your church. You shouldn't go through the path of our forefathers whose sins we are still suffering today. I was in one branch of your church in 2013 when I helped the senior pastor destroy the village shrine. That church is very good for you, son."

Me: "But, sir, I am not against anyone's religion or belief. I am against the growing ignorance of our people. I am against those hypocritically cultivating the grounds for this growing ignorance in Ala Igbo and entire Africa."

Rev. Obinna: "How do you mean?"

Me: "Christianity, as a religion, is alien to our culture and traditions as Ndi Igbo. The same ancestors that fought so hard in the defense of this territory (Ala/Ana/Ani) from invaders, on the same land you are building your church today, are considered evil? Currently, Christianity is undergoing reforms. In the next 100 years, your children might see this current model of Christianity as evil, and by then, you've become an evil ancestor as well. But why are you hell-bent on destroying the so-called shrines in our land?"

Rev. Obinna: "You are just a child. I've been on this missionary journey for the past 40 years, eradicating every form of evil in our land because it is a commandment from God according to the book of Exodus 20/3-5."

Me: "But you have a cross on your necklace; what's that for?"

Rev. Obinna: "That's a chaplet; I use it for praying."

Me: "The same way you use the chaplet, holy water/olive oil to pray to the Virgin Mary, is the same way Onye Omenala uses nzú, edo, oji na mmaya-okú to decree/pray in our traditional way. But the inferiority complex has made us abandon our rich ancestral heritage and culture to worship European idols moulded with a bag of cement and other items. We patronize other people's culture; stolen and copied from Africa; we pay a huge sum of money to watch Halloween in Europe, but our mmanwu (masquerade) in our ordinal is termed 'evil' by some Christians like you. 

Do you think that Rome/Italy cares if you exist? They are much more concerned about their economic interest in oil and gas than your existence. You can read that through the reaction and body language of Pope Francis on the slaughter of innocent Christians in Nigeria. Rome will always prefer the forced unity of Nigeria at the expense of your life as a Christian than to lose the free oil and gas flowing from your land."

Rev. Obinna: "I feel your anger, but you shouldn't judge that way. The problem of Christians in Nigeria is primarily caused by bad leadership, and we as Christians haven't done enough in bringing the gospel of Christ to some of these areas dominated by Islamic radicals. Every country has its interest, just like Nigeria, but our sins are the cause of our sufferings."

Me: "We shouldn't dwell on this mentality; otherwise, we'll continue suffering and smiling. Which of our sins? I asked. The same European ancestors who brought the Bible painted our ancestors black/evil, and subjected them to all forms of dehumanization through slavery are now considered saints. But my ancestors, who suffered human degradation by these same European ancestors, are evil. Is that what you mean? Our sufferings derive from our inability to reason beyond the roofs of our churches."

"We've refused to go beyond tithes and offerings. We contribute to sustaining the existence of One-Nigeria by failing to acknowledge the truth. The preachers, especially the General Overseers, who proclaim salvation and heaven, are building their paradise here on earth. They acquire private jets with the hard-earned money of the poor and gullible masses."

"Despite our abundant natural and mental resources, our youth continue to perish in the Sahara Desert and the Mediterranean Sea, striving to reach Europe for greener pastures. We were indoctrinated to believe that the blood of Jesus cures our illnesses, olive oil heals our diseases, and prayers to a foreign god (a White Jesus) will transform and advance our society. We have even transformed numerous manufacturing companies into prayer grounds, hoping for miracle jobs from heaven."

"The Christian Association of Nigeria serves as a political tool wielded by imperialists to control our people's mindset, rendering them unfit to execute and sustain a bitter revolution against the corrupt system in place. We were led to believe in false and imaginary miracles, contributing to Africa's continued poverty despite abundant mineral deposits in our territories. Our lack of mental enlightenment and our refusal to reason beyond religious sentiments have perpetuated this cycle."

"Any religion that directly or indirectly hinders this generation from critical reasoning for the economic growth, development, and technological advancement of the Black race should be deemed null and void. We have endured enough."

(The discussion concluded as the Reverend Father disembarked from the bus, and we exchanged greetings.)

It is time to release the 'black slave in a white cage', time to break free from the shackles of mental slavery for the betterment of Africa. We must lend our support to those diligently working to reclaim our dignity and unite Ndi Igbo with our rich heritage, tradition, and culture.

God bless IPOB leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu for enlightening us and every genuine Pan-Africanist striving for a better Africa. Iseee!

Written By Esiaba Chibuihe 

Edited By Ozioma Onwe

For Umuchiukwu Writers.

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