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Biafra: Owo Massacre

 Biafra: Owo Massacre

■ Author:  Chinonso Igwebuike Mbah

■ Twitter:@umuchiukwu

■ 26 June 2022

Were They Praying? From the time the Europeans entered Africa religion has hijacked the mindset and the thinking ability of an average black man and has stopped them from thinking critically, that's why an average Christian in Africa will always refer to himself as a sheep while God is his shepherd, always defending his oppressors while making an enemy of those who try to free him from mental enslavement. 

Christians in Nigeria especially should stop disturbing God with their noise-making prayers without action. can't you folks use your God-given brains to sort out critical issues, most of you involve God virtually in every of your predicament, even when the Bible you are holding made it clear that your hands are fashioned for war. 

Why are you disturbing God with your prayers when you can act with the grace God gave you to sort out some of the physical problems and challenges you face? The kind of Christians we have in Nigeria are so deceived, foolish and ignorant to the core, even the educated among them do not know how to apply their little common sense, they believe the only solution to their problems is prayers and more prayers. If that is the case God Himself wouldn't have given us a brain, hands and legs, if the solution to all of our predicaments is to pray, the Israelites don't just pray, they defend themselves against any external aggressor, we are not saying that prayer is bad or not needed, but that we apply our abilities as humans in solving our immediate problems and pray to Chiukwuokike Abiama for it to succeed. 

It is deceptive that majorities of the clergymen in Nigeria who travel to the western world and see how things work over there would come back and hide the truth from their members to continue to exploit them. In Europe and America, they work more and pray less, work puts food on the table, while prayers don't, they're secured, their children attend good schools they have access to good healthcare etc. Christians in Nigeria should jettison the mindset of only prayer without working, if you are slapped on the right chick you turn the left side, they need to be proactive to their enemies and stop being used as sacrificial lambs, every civilized society in the world has an advanced technology shielding them from their enemies including those who brought Christianity to Nigeria, they don't believe in prayers for protection, even God the creator of the whole universe doesn't believe in prayers for protection, that is why when Lucifer wanted to overthrow him he sent his Angels to war against him.

 Prayer without action is completely dead, always praying when it is time for action, Christianity in Nigeria is going into extinction yet you are still praying, believing that God of Elijah will send down fire and brimstone to consume your enemies? when you should be actively confronting them head-on, you believe so much in your prayers and God for protection yet you are always attacked and killed in your places of prayer. 

A lot of Christians in Nigeria have been killed while praying and believing God for protection when they should be defending themselves, and more are liken to die if they don't pray less and work more, the owo massacre and other killings should by now thought Christians in Nigeria the urgent need to get armed and defend themselves, don't be fooled by your clergymen who have surrounded themselves and their families with armed security men, wake up and arm yourselves against Fulani bandit, don't be afraid of shedding the blood of your enemies, pray, watch and take action when necessary, because God will never fight your physical battle. 

Edited By Aguocha Chinwendum 

Published Udeagha Obasi 

For Umuchukwu Writers

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