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Biafra: Time To End The Activities Of This Colonial Agent Called #BBC In Africa

■ Author:  Aguocha Chinwendum

■ Twitter:@umuchiukwu

■ 26 June 2022


          Biafra: Time To End The Activities Of This Colonial Agent Called #BBC In Africa 

Some British people protest in London against what they called "END THE OIL COLONIALISM" the British government is driving the African countries into debt and taking their resources, and the corrupt African leaders are incapacitated to speak up and refused the criminal advances of the British and other European countries governments. 

Here we have the ordinary British people protesting for the economic freedom of the black people and they don't even know about it, our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu used to tell us that the ordinary British people in the streets are good and most civilised people on earth but those managing their government are evil. 

Africans are suffering today from the failures of bad, corrupt, insincere and heartless leaders, and countries like the United Kingdom will take advantage of our bad administrators to steal our resources and join in causing poverty and death in Africa, a minister in Nigeria steals what would be a national budget of a European country and hide it in a bank in Europe and governments like that of the United Kingdom will protect them because they use the money in their banks to grow their economies.

 What surprises me is when these European countries will pretentiously come to African countries claiming to be giving us financial aid when we are the ones feeding their greedy belly, our leaders are quiet about these things because they are corrupt and their lots are well recorded by these European colonies who take advantage of it at the detriment of the African people. 

It amazes me that a big media house like the #BBC is headquartered in London and owned by the United Kingdom government but has not investigated the economic assassination and sabotage the European countries are committing against the African people especially the United Kingdom who are surviving on the resources of the African people. The #BBC are a bribe-taking media organisation, they don't run sincere investigative journalism, they perform according to the amount of money paid into their bank account, and they can turn red to be white just because their account is well-fed, the BBC cover corrupt politicians in Africa just to protect the interests of the United Kingdom government.

 #BBC is one of the problems Africa has, they lie about everything about Africa, where is the BBC report on the Buhari regime the most corrupt government I have ever seen since I was born, just a few days ago the accountant general of the Nigerian government was arrested for stealing about eighty billion nairas that would be over five billion dollars, we have numerous worst corrupt cases like that in Nigeria even in the military but the BBC has failed to make investigation and reports on them, the BBC has not made investigations and reports on the extrajudicial killings and genocide going on in Eastern Nigeria (Biafraland) by the Nigerian military, the BBC has failed to investigate and give reports on the genocide and the ethnic cleansing going on in the north as Christians are being wiped out. 

I want to suggest that African countries begin to ban the BBC just as countries like Russia. China and others have done, BBC is the headquarters of fake news and misinformation, the earlier BBC is chased out of Africa the better for us. 

The BBC has proven to be a colonial tool still in use in Africa, their only interest is on how to promote and protect the colonial interest and their willing tools in Africa, a total ban and suspension of all their activities in Africa will do us a lot of good because the BBC has caused more harm to us than good. 

Published By Udeagha Obasi 

For Umuchiukwu Writers

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