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BIAFRA: Nigerian Army, Police, DSS, Navy and other Nigeria Security Agency Aiding Terrorism and Terror1st Movement/Attacks

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■ 04 June 2022

BIAFRA: Nigerian Army, Police, DSS, Navy and other Nigeria Security Agency Aiding Terror1sm and Terror1st Movement/Attacks 

Nigerian Securities are made up of Fulani terror1st especially their high ranking officers that were indicted in Jihadist making it almost impossible to get rid of all the criminal activities in the country which of course is giving blessings to their Fulan1 brethren, weaponise them and use it do their enterprises which include killings, kidnap for Ransom, silencing & conquering of tribes, forceful occupation of lands, properties and for Islamization purposes. 

Fulani terror1st is an aged violent tribe that believes in using force to achieve their aim, it is on record that the Nigerian Security agencies are majorly occupied by Terror1st Fulani herdsmen, this is the reason the Army and other security agencies find it difficult to defeat terrorism in the country because they're aiding, shielding and supporting them. Hence, they all have one goal which is the Islamization agenda. 

Thousands of arrested Boko Harm terror1st were freed by Nigeria Government due to their complicit in the war against the terror group made of Fulan1 Terror1st. On 28 April 2022 an Army Officer identified as Lance Corporal Jibrin was an instructor with the Nigerian Army battalion in Geidam, Yobe State was arrested for aiding the terrorist Islamic State for West African Province (ISWAP) and he committed suicide, similar has events have occurred in several occasions in the security agency. 

In 2018, Theophilus Yakubu Danjuma GCON FSS psc who is a politician and a retired Nigerian Army Lieutenant General who played a key role in post-independence military and political events in Nigeria categorically stated that the Nigerian Army are colluding with the Bandit to kill people around the country, Danjuma further told Nigerians to resist it insisting that the Nigerian military are not neutral rather they're on the side of Fulani terror1st that are killing people. 

The recent story of His Eminence Bishop Samuel Kanu Uche who reaffirmed that the Nigeria Army and Fulan1 Terror1st is behind his abduction is a confirmation of what Danjuma, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and other people have been saying for years, Fulan1 Terror1st, the Nigerian Army and their sister security are all Involve in terrorism in the country. The release of thousands of Boko Haram terror1st with the caption that they are "repented Boko Haram" by the government shows that terrorists and the government are working hand in hand, almost all the released members of the terrorist organization has been reintegrated into Nigeria Army and other security agencies in the country, that is the reason Nigeria military and its paramilitary will never refrain from supporting terrorism in the country. 

Recall on April 4, 2022, Nigeria’s Chief of Defence Staff (CDS), General Leo Irabor condemned the increase in cases of military personnel aiding and abating terrorists, bandits, killer herdsmen, and other criminals in the country, this was contained in Irabor's letter he sent to all commanders of various operations, in which he asked them to sensitise their officers to the implication of collaborating with the enemy. Summarily, It is noteworthy that In their bid to cause or implement terror in especially Biafra land, they have come up with different strategies as well as a decoy to carry out their activities without a trace, the last of these strategies is RUGA, which upon its, notice was completely rendered ineffective and dead upon arrival. 


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