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Biafra The Land Of Righteous Traditions And Culture


Biafra The Land Of Righteous Traditions And Culture

Author : Mazi Joseph Ogochukwu
Date : 30th Aug 2022

Great men and women of goodwill, great Biafrans friends and well-wishers, I bring greetings to you all from all corners of this planet earth.

      Igbo Tribe in their traditional attire 

It is quite unfortunate that the people of Biafra, the Easterners of the geographical expression called Nigeria in West Africa have lost their cultural heritages, traditions and values especially the Igbo Biafrans since the advent of the British government amalgamation of the Southern and Northern protectorate, the ungodly marriage has brought death, curse, greed, slavery poverty to us the Biafran people.

Before the British invasion of our land and the introduction of Christianity to our people by the British missionaries we had our civilisation growing on it's pace, decency, prosperity, agriculture, manufacturing, commerce, marriage etc and at an appreciable progress, we had our ways of doing things traditionally, we had ways and means of communication, gathering, burial, trading, worship.etc. 

     Igbo women in their traditional attire

It would be unfair and insulting to the memory of our ancestors who were in constant communication and worship of EzeChiukwuokike Abiama for thousands of years before the coming of the first Europeans into our land who were Portuguese to assume that they thought us everything we know today including the worshiping of Chiukwuokike, we are not against any religion or any form of legal worship for as long as it is globally recognised and against the shading of human blood and sacrifice, we already know God before they came to introduce the Christian religion to us, our people accepted it because they were told it is and advanced way of worship and the quickest way to reach Okike.

        Igbo men in their traditional attire

Further more I think we should be grateful to God for bringing Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB who have in past 9 years been consistent in teachings on Radio Biafra and on all social media platforms, constant and responsible for closing the gap of religious ignorance among our people and creating the necessary eye opening including spiritual and religious awakening driving across our land currently, taking us back to our abandoned route, reminding us some centuries ago when there was no injection, no modern medical laboratory, no cars, no mortuary and yet our forebears lived up to 200 years and above.

            Igbo lady in traditional attire

I could recall when I was younger if someone die in our neighbourhood the person will be buried a day after his or her death without ceremony pending when the family or children will be willing to perform the mourning or burial ceremony but today it is a different case we wonder what has happened to the good old days, why have our people chosen a borrowed culture to bury their loved ones who died which is the reason we are seeing many dead bodies in the mortuaries everywhere across Biafraland and Alaigbo in particular, unknown to us it is wrecking us into poverty, making the poor poorer and bringing the rich down into debts.

Today crimes and abominable things which used to be strange to us are now living at our doorpost such as suicide, robbery, adultery, killing for money etc are now norm in Biafraland while mortuaries has become a lucrative business in our land.

The call and appeal by the IPOB leadership to our people to bury their dead within three days of death is one of the greatest thing to happen to our land in the past fifty years, it further proves that Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB is a gift to us, again it proves that IPOB are spiritually alive to the happenings in our land, bringing back our culture and heritage and putting a stop to the calamities, death and abomination in our land.

Edited By Aguocha Chinwendum
Published By Nwaiwu Chiukwuebuka
For Umuchukwu Writers .

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