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Nigeria Military Invaded Orsu-Ihitte-Ukwa, open Fire On Unarmed Civilians Killing not less than 5 people


Nigeria Military Invaded Orsu-Ihitte-Ukwa,  open Fire On Unarmed Civilians Killing not less than 5 people

Credit : Umuchiukwu Writers
Date : 31th Aug 2022

     Nigeria Military intimidating Civilians

A confirmed report reaching Umuchiukwu Writers has it that the Nigerian Military invaded  Orsu-Ihitte-Ukwa,  in Orsu Local Government of Imo State yesterday being 30th August 2022 , opened fire on innocent Civilians Killing not less than five people .

According to report sent to Umuchiukwu Writers correspondents by sources who spoke on condition of anonymity , the soldiers stormed the community and opened fire on residents killing 5 people instantly. Two among the killed victims were identified as Ugochukwu Obianeli and Nonso Oga while the identities of the remaining 3 are yet to be disclosed .

However, the incident occurred in a market known as Ekeututu market area along the road to Ohukabia . According to the  report, the Military were allegedly looking for unknown Gunmen , instead of going to hunt them in their hideouts, the military went from the Market to people's houses shooting every male Youth on sight .

Nigeria Security Forces have been involved in so many extra judiciary killings in Nigeria especially in Biafra land as it is very clear that the Nigerian Presidency is hell belt on killing the Biafran ideology to soften grounds to usher in the Islamization agenda and Fulanization as Biafra region has continued to put a stop to that . The Nigerian Security agencies have been indicted with human rights violation same as Boko Haram terrorists and other terrorist organisations around the globe .

International communities should take note of these terrorism by the Nigerian Military under the supervision of the Nigerian government. We're calling for justice for all the innocent people killed by Nigeria Military for no just cause .

Umuchiukwu Writers reporting.

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