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2023 Election : The Hope Of Igbo Biafrans Lies On Biafra Freedom Not On Nigeria President Of Igbo Extraction


2023 Election : The Hope Of Igbo Biafrans Lies On Biafra Freedom Not On Nigeria President Of Igbo Extraction

Author : Mazi Joseph Ogochukwu
Date : 29 Aug 2022

God who made the heavens and earth created all things with freedom of association, speech, worship and movement.

While following the stands of Biafrans as people in Nigeria you will discover that God's anger is on us due to our disobedience and how we have embraced our oppressors.

                       IPOB members

Since the genocidal war, some of us have found it very difficult to understand that freedom is not given but forcefully taken.
We can recall that our fathers fought a genocidal civil war defending Biafra's freedom, two decades after the war our eternal leader Dim Ikemba Odumuegwu Emeka Ojukwu joined APGA a political party in Nigeria, thinking that a solution or through that means Biafra could be restored but the corrupt electoral system of Nigeria failed him and his dreams.

How many times are we Biafrans going to be fooled?

Is it proper for you as a Freedom fighter to get involved in Nigerian politics and don't get stained?

Will the Nigerian presidency give us Biafra?

How many times have the Fulani oligarchy promised Igbo politicians the Nigerian president and failed them?

Will Igbo man becoming the President of Nigeria solve the numerous insecurity, corruption and economic problems of Nigeria?

We have to remain consistent, focused and truthful with what we want so that God will hear our cry, you can't be talking about Biafra today and tomorrow you want to be Nigerian President, it is a betrayal of the Biafra struggle and inconsistency of need.

It will be a mockery of the struggle that some of our people don't know what they want, they sing the song of freedom in the morning and Obident at night, freedom fighting is not for children not to talk of Biafra freedom, it is for men and women who understands what sacrifice is all about not for those who drink milk.

The world at the same time should know that the only solution to the insecurity problems of Nigeria is the total disintegration of Nigeria to save millions of lives.

Edited By Aguocha Chinwendum
Published By Nwaiwu Chiukwuebuka
For Umuchukwu Writers .

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