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Biafra: Why Nigeria Does Not Need Election But Referendum


Biafra: Why Nigeria Does Not Need Election But Referendum

■ Author : Chiukwubuike Anagboso
■ Twitter:@umuchiukwu
■ 15th January 2023

The devastating state of Nigeria today makes it clear and undoubtedly reasonable for every sane person to believe with me that the push for 2023 Election would rather worsen the situation of than becoming a remedy. This is due to the way people now see and understand things of political and religious matter.

The many lectures given by the IPOB leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu through the London based Radio Biafra has helped to enlighten the people of various regions that made up Nigeria, educating them of their ancestry, historical background, cultural heritage, what transpired during the British invasion, how a new name which is not even of African ascent was fudged and imposed on them by the colonial Masters.

The impart of these lectures over the radio for a long period of time on the listeners may have been ignored by few individuals who feigned ignorant or are envious of the Biafra Agitator, but the truth remains that it actually sunk into the minds of the masses, and yielded great fruit. And for the fact that the message passed were of factual points traceable in the hidden history of the people denied of their true historical teachings, their elderly ones threatened and cautioned not to publicly inform the young generations of their past on an excuse of avoiding tribalistic/ethnic hatred amongst them, it became an ample chance for not just Easterners alone, but the people of other regions that made up Nigeria to be enlightened.

The young generations in the contraption began to ask questions, and their elderly ones had no option than to spill the beans. However, this made the young generations wondered how pathetic those that stopped the teaching of history in Schools were.

How Political And Religious Leaders In Nigeria Lost Their Ground

It is quite unfortunate that the religious leaders in Nigeria allowed themselves to be distracted and corrupted by the political class. In the past, people usually believe that any message passed by their religious leaders is divinely inspirational, and with that, they always heed to their command as if it was from God. But today, a lot has happened that people now understand that the so called religious leaders are after the crumbs falling down from the table of to these very corrupt politicians, and many have reduced themselves to political gladiators, while few of them are political aspirants in Man-Of-God disguise.

They tend to indirectly deceive their followers in the guise of preaching what God told them, and thereby persuading the followers to vote for any politician who has visited them with heavy brown envelope. That is why campaign for election observably takes its first stance in Churches and Mosques. As it is said that lies and deceit do not survive the test of time; for the truth always prevails.

Nowadays youths seem to have realized that their religious leaders are working with the political class to deceive and abuse their religious belief. Again, most youths have actually come to term with the Indigenous People Of Biafra(IPOB) leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu who made some interestingly revealing and more impressive points on the issue of elections in Nigeria saying "Has free and fair election ever worked?" "Why not try plan B since plan A doesn't work by boycotting Election?"  "How can you obtain good governance since the whole system is completely corrupt, and a particular ethnic who are known Nomadians with archaic mindset are the ones in charge of the polity?" I give credit to Mazi Nnamdi Kanu for opening the eyes of many youths.

The Fulani Agenda And Its Effect On Nigeria Politics

Today, it is no more a propaganda that the Fulanis have an evil agenda of Islamization and Fulanization of the entire geopolitical space that made up Nigeria. This has been said and evidently confirmed by many. What has been happening, especially during this current General Mohammadu Buhari's regime shows clearly that the Fulanis wish to submerge, conquer, claim Ancestral lands owned by other ethnic nationalities within Nigeria, take absolute control of both human and land resources, impose Sharia law on the people, dominate, change the democratic system of government, and rule with autocracy. If we take a look at the way things are today, the killing of farmers and villagers, land grabbing with impunity by the Fulani Herdsmen backed by the military and the government of the day, the rascality of the presidency, the unfortunate continued contempt of several court orders, the ceaseless misuse and abuse of power, the disobedience to Rule Of Law, the intimidation of the Judicial arm of Government and power influence which the executive arm wields on the legislature, the extrajudicial imprisonment of speakers of truth and philosophers, heightened attempts to quell freedom agitators and clamp down on peaceful protesters, the undeniable visible maximum support and sponsoring of bandits and terrorists who are of Fulani origin, and finally the eagerness to completely and totally hold on to power forever which has led to the looming anarchy in the system. All these are quite visible and glaring to those who care to know. Yet we remain silent in docility as we sheepishly move on.

Why Referendum Is The Only Way Out

Since the walls fudged by the colonial Masters are so contagious and ludicrous, it is of no sense to continue managing such walls. The perfect solution is to break down the contagious walls, and plan on how to build a better one which will be of no harm to the people contained within it. In the real sense of it, Nigeria(the walls) is a mere geographical expression  fudged by the British as a 100 years experimental exercise, and since the experiment is over, all that needed to be done is distort and discard it so that the people can think of a way to either go back to the way they were before the colonial Masters came or they may reform in their best way in order to fudge ahead. That brings us to the main word "Referendum".

In conclusion, I will not hesitate to make bold to say that whoever is asking you not to talk about the Nigerian politics is suffering from ignoramus syndrome because, the major factor that serves as fuel, propelling the movement for the restoration of Biafra and the Oduduwa agitation for a separate sovereign state is the filthiness and nefariousness of the Nigerian Politics and political settings which was made by the colonial Masters (British).

This is, by historical evidence, the way the so called founding fathers were ordered to go in the affairs of governance. And the most abhorrent of it all is that the religious extremists cum tribalistic commando of barberic fulani fanatics have hijacked the government fully, and are in a devastating manner, acting dreadfully unchallenged, putting every other tribe who are the true indigenous tribes under persuasive political slavery.

The world leaders, international community and some pretentious human right advocacy groups have seen this, and have decided to remain criminal silent. It tells us that we need only the mercies of the most high, CHIUKWU-OKIKE-ABIAMA to ascertain freedom. We have to ask ourselves, "is Nigeria practicing democracy or a democrazy?" End of discussion.


Edited By Ugochinyere Onyechere
Published by Nwaiwu Chiukwuebuka
For Umuchiukwu Writers

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