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Nigeria : The True Definition Of A Contraption


Nigeria : The True Definition Of A Contraption

■ Author : Chiukwubuike Anagboso
■ Twitter:@umuchiukwu
■ 15th January 2023


The mere geographical space which some so called professors also joined the poorly educated ones to call "Map Of Nigeria", was fudged and incorporated into the World Map out of dare necessity by the colonial Masters(the British).

This was done so as to inculcate sense of belonging in the minds of the people who were forcefully put into union, and given a name "Nigeria", just as a slave is given a new name by his/her master to show he lords over him/her. It's a practice still obtainable in today's church indirectly done in a guise of Baptism; which was introduced by the mother of all Churches (Roman Catholic).

Meanwhile, without digressing further, it will be wise to note that the word "Amalgamation" was brought in by the same slave Master whose interest is centered on exploitation rather than civilization of the people they trapped within their created enclave. The questions which sort for answers till date are (1) who signed the Amalgamation document? (2) How did the Amalgamation idea come into play? (3) Did the three regions that were joined to make up the enclave agree on the idea of Amalgamation? Until these questions are satisfactorily answered, the word "Amalgamation" remains a fabrication in the history of Africa.

Nigeria's Independence From The Colonial Master (Britain)

During the time of the so called founding fathers of Nigeria(in the persons of Nnamdi Azikiwe, Ahmadu Bello, etc) who fought to ensure that Nigeria becomes free from the hands of the foreign controllers, and be independent of itself, becomes a sovereign state which is governed by the citizens, and not an external body, they failed to realize that the enclave was formed as a British company, and therefore, can not be handed over easily to them entirely.

This is why the independent day celebration in Nigeria till date remains laughable, a thing of mockery, and a mirage because, the colonial Masters still determines who should be in the seat of power in Nigeria, and they are still the ones controlling the affairs of government and governance of the so called Nigerian State as long as the enclave remains in existence.

That's why the independence is best tagged "Ceremonial Independence" by those well enlightened and reasonable enough to discern between being Independent and indirectly ruled. Today, Britain still make bold to showcase their great ownership of the enclave; as confirmed in their role during the #EndSars2020 youth protest, The #IPOB and Oduduwa Freedom Agitation, The Extraordinary Rendition Case Of IPOB leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, and recently, The statement from the British government which states in quote "We'll Support Nigeria To Ensure Free And Fair Election".

Nigeria As A Contraption To Depress The Light Of Africa

It is of no doubt that the light of Africa can be traced amongst the regions that were forcibly merged together as a British enclave called Nigeria. It is obvious that the southern part which consists of the Southeast and Southwest are where the pride and dignity of Africa lies. The former is the Eastern region known as Biafra while the later is their brethren (Western region) who are the Oduduwa.

The case study on Biafra-Nigeria war of 1967-1970 shows that the war was a defensive one on the side of Biafrans --who said enough of the senseless unprovoked incessant killings and marginalization, and for that reason, declared a brake-away from the unholy union-- and an offensive one on the side of Nigerian Government backed by British and their Allies.

The war which was fought against the TINY Biafra by super powers like Britain, USSR, Egypt, etc was more of a Genocide than a civil one, and saw to destruction of lives and property of Biafrans in which an estimated number of 5million Biafran women, children and men were murdered, some starved to death by the Gowon's Land, Air, and Sea food blockade that lasted nearly three years. Yet the Biafran invention during this period of unexpected chaos was second to none, and a supposed admirable adventure in the human history.

On the other hand, the Oduduwas are good academicians and naturally economists found within African Continent. With this two rising up with their God-given talents, the north will be encouraged to work hard, and the entire Africa shall become great. But the White-Supremacist within the British government does not want this to happen. Hence the forceful Amalgamation in 1914, and the continues push for a One-Nigeria that never worked after 100 years of expired duration of the Amalgamation.

Therefore, I make bold to conclude that Africa can't see the light, and may not succeed in her dream to stand tall to be regarded as a continent if Nigeria continue to exist within her map. And the dignity of Africa will continue to be in shambles as Nigeria remains, since none of such contraption was created in Europe or any other continent by Africa.

Edited By Ugochinyere Onyechere
Published by Nwaiwu Chiukwuebuka
For Umuchiukwu Writers

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