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Biafra: The Desperation Of Nigeria Government To Tag IPOB/ESN A Terror Organization, Is A Failed Dream

Biafra: The Desperation Of Nigeria Government To Tag IPOB/ESN A Terror Organization Before The International Community Is A Failed Dream 

■ Author:  Don Black D 

■ Twitter:@umuchiukwu

■ 17.07.2023 

The Nigerian government together with its security forces has done everything within its power to quench the burning desire of the indigenous people of southeastern Nigerian otherwise known as Biafrans to have a separate and independent state where it is believed to be organically and homogenously bonded under one value system. Since the invention of Radio Biafra London by Mazi Nnamdi Okwu Kanu the Prince of Eziama Afaraukwu Ibeku who also doubled as the Radio Biafra Director and leader of the Indigenous people of Biafra IPOB, the government has become restless and had used their resources, the deployment of security forces, bribing some corrupt international allied countries, and some Western media, some diplomats and world government in a bid to pull IPOB down and possibly give the global family movement a bad name just to tarnish our image and make the world see us as a terror organization. But fortunately for us and unfortunately for them IPOB have fantastically and highly earned a good and respectable reputation as has been witnessed by all the good people in this whole wide world. It is good to note that before the unholy union that brought people of different cultures, value systems, traditions, and nationalities together that these different nations were all living happily until the most atrocious damage was done by Britain and many other players. They've systematically reduced our population by killing the Indigenous people while leaving their dead bodies for scavengers to feed on. 

My question is, has the world held anyone responsible for our dead? The answer is capital NO but then we weep and pray that their innocent souls rest in perfect peace even when we knew that life was forcefully taken out of them without committing any crime against humanity. As their blood kept pointing accusing fingers at those that spilt it, the British were asked to leave, of course, they left but had sowed a dangerous seed of discord amongst the people they said to have come to give a good life, take a look at where we are today and tell me if it is the habitation of reasonable human beings. 

Nigerian security forces have since then taken over from where the British stopped and continued the killing of our people while their victims were tagged with numerous damaging names only to have reasons to execute and cover their heinous crimes being committed against the Indigenous people of Biafra yet no one from the international community is bold enough to call them terrorists. Innocent Biafrans are dying daily at the hands of these uniformed men that have sold their souls to the devil and, unfortunately, they play ignorant thinking that the blood of those murdered would let go without seeking vengeance. There would never be a time that the Nigerian security forces will go against the Fulani herdsmen haven known they're a third-world terror organization but always showing agility anytime and anywhere they see unarmed civilians. IPOB has stayed peaceful and none violent but those non-state actors like Asari Dokubo and his likes are untouchable because the government of the day welcomes such and perhaps sponsors their activities.

 All the Nigerian security forces can do are to go about forcing life out of innocent people which nobody has seen with Ak-47 assault rifles while letting the real-life bandits and terrorists go scot-free. Boko haram has never been their problem likewise Fulani terrorist herdsmen and the heavily sponsored non-state actors going viral on social media brandishing all kinds of deadly weapons but IPOB is a global family movement that has both local and international constitutionally rights to seek a separate nation through internationally observed referendum from this abominable contraption called Nigeria was once tagged a terror organization though the world knew it's foolishness at the highest order. 

My question again is, is it that the Nigerian security forces are full of illiterates that don't seem to understand the consequences attached to the violation of human rights or are they now playing a God that can do and get away with everything? Secondly, where are the International criminal courts (ICC) that are looking for Vladimir Putin the Russian president, and the international human rights, or are these institutions selective or made for a particular people? Only the truth will set the world free otherwise there will never be peace. Nigeria is like this today because they're running away from their shadows. 

The country will never achieve progress with these hands soaked with the blood of innocent civilians but then I pity all the Nigerian security forces they'll live to regret being used by the notorious politicians who do not also mean well for them and their households because he that kills by the gun would also be killed by the same gun. ESN should be praised by these uniform Nigerian men because for years now the Eastern Security Network has done pretty well and has achieved what it can't achieve in a space of two years. ESN can never be found wanting in the course of discharging their duty which is to protect our homeland from terror attacks by Fulani terrorist herdsmen and their likes. The Nigerian security forces can lie as they want and continue with their fake news carried by a relative Nigerian newspaper, Imagine a journalist with a conscience but that is by the way. 

For your information, No one is paying ESN for protecting their land as common sense instructed them to do so and they're very much fulfilled and the people love them more than you that have vowed to continuously serve the devil and will surely return in disgrace that is if you are lucky to make it alive. Have you not seen Asari Dokubo's camp? It is very obvious that birds of the same feather flock together but come rain come sun no mortal man can defeat BIAFRA. 

It is an ideology and the spirit lives inside of every indigenous person both home and abroad and that is a fact so take it or leave. Only Biafra will save Nigeria because Biafra is the truth and the way that anyone who comes to her shall be safe. It is either we restore Biafra or Nigeria will know no peace. 

Edited By Aguocha Chinwendum 

For Umuchiukwu Writers

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